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My first Shellac mani! And apologies…

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Yes. So I kind of pissed off for a month when the holidays rolled around. And for that, I am sorry. I got completely carried away with the hype and the expectations of Christmas and New Year’s. Followed shortly by a fibro flare and lots of working

But one amazing thing (aside from the quiet, much needed family time) came out of all of this: A shellac mani from my younger sister! She is going to school for this kind of thing (something involving spa management? Maybe? I don’t know. I’m a terrible sister) and she uses us family members as guinea pigs. A few months ago, she gave Mr. J and I some pedis. They were a workout for her when it came to my feet because I spend all of my days on my feet…and I hate feet so I don’t really perform any maintenance whatsoever. Mr. J was delighted when she told him that his feet were miles better than mine.

She was however, impressed with the condition my hands were in! Whoo hoo! I take care of my nails! And hands. She got a butt-ton of glitter from my mom to use for her shellac kit and I gladly volunteered as tribute and picked the three colours I wanted. I mean, hell. I work in the food industry so if I can find a solution to my 365 day a year nail polish regime I have to keep, as a service to the public to keep them from my stained nails, I will take it! So I’ve been rocking the mani for TWO. WEEKS. Yes. TWO. WEEKS.

Here is Day One:



And here it is two weeks later!



I apologize for poor quality on the second picture but this was the only chance I got to snap a photo before work, on my iPhone. As you can see, it has done remarkably well against Quiznos conditions.

Alas, as a reformed nail biter, I have yet to shed the habit of picking at my nails. So as of today (wednesday) all of this is gone. Minus the pinkie of my left hand. It is still going strong and I will wear it until it grows out so much that I have no choice but to peel it off. So get used to seeing that in a few of my upcoming posts.

All in all, well done little sister! This mani rocked mad balls!

Until next time, lovlies!


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  1. two weeks! i don’t think i could keep polish on that long i would go mad of boredom

    • I definitely agree! But my sister needed practice hands I was more than willing to help her out. Plus…you can’t argue free!! Ha ha. I can see the appeal though.


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