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China Glaze “It’s Alive”

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I’m about to start re-vamping my page, so I figure I may as well throw up a random swatch of a polish I got for Christmas from my momtar!

I’m actually amazed that I only got four bottles of polish for Christmas! However, I got some money, so I went and bought more polish to make up for it. Because I am a terrible polish hoarder. But that’s beside the point.

It’s Alive is a great medium toned green glitter. The colour reminds me of the August birthstone peridot:



Now, it is a common misconception among the people in my life, that green is my favourite colour. I’m not entirely sure how that came about; perhaps it started with a pair of lime green glasses that I got with my last prescription? Well, at the time, there were no awesome BLUE glasses. Due to that miscommunication, I now own many green things. Don’t get me wrong; green is not so bad. I just like blue and purple a bit more. Sometimes green can look a little too…ill.

That love, however, definitely carries over to polish. And my mom knows two things about my nail polish obsession fascination:

1) I love it

2) I love glitter

Enter It’s Alive. A green glitter bomb from last year’s Haunting Halloween collection.



I chose to wear this without topcoat…because I was lazy. And I ended up loving it. Even without the top coat you can see the sparkle and the depth. There is a plethora of different sized glitter. It’s so murky…I just love it. I imagine with topcoat it will really come alive (har har, puns!)



Without my Shellac’d pinkie nail as a distraction. I freakin LOVE this. I can’t wait to wear this again! And believe me, I will wear this again.

That’s all for now, folks!


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