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Revlon Royal with OPI “Man With The Golden Gun”

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Hi-diddly-ho (internet) neighbourinos! I’ve been playing a  lot of Simpson’s Tapout so I have Flanders’s running through my brain.

I still love and adore Mr. J for getting me Man With The Golden Gun. But it’s one of those polishes that I love SO much I’m afraid to wear it and have it run out. Especially since I work at a job that basically eats my nail polish off of my fingers. Note: I actually just wrote nail polish instead of fingers. WOW. Time for sleep. I just got over a bout with strep throat, so I’m a tad run down. But now I’m getting off topic. I’ve been getting lucky with my days off lately and getting two in a row! That’s usually when I bust out my favourite nail polish or some nail art (which I need to do more of. Eeep). So that’s what I did.

I. LOVE. Revlon Royal. It is such a delicious, squishy shade of blue. I’ve actually read that some people were getting bad bottles. Which puzzled me until I was killing time one day and wandered into the nail polish area of my grocery store. I toyed with the idea of buying a back-up bottle of Royal (I love it THAT much). That is, until I grabbed a bottle and turned it on its side. ALL of the pigment sunk to the bottom and solidified. It was basically a bottle of blue water. So, if you plan on buying this polish, MAKE SURE YOU GRAB YOUR BOTTLE AND TURN IT ON ITS SIDE TO MAKE SURE! I would hate for this colour to take heat because of a really bad batch. It is fabulous and anyone  that loves blue and jellies, NEEDS this polish. OK. PICTURES!



This is two coats, no top coat, before I added the glorious gold.

Now. I do not like gold. I’m not a fan of gold jewelry, or gold clothes or gold anything. I actually prefer cold tone gold (not a huge fan of warm toned anything) but. I have to admit that gold and blue work. Probably because it’s close to orange…and blue and orange…RAWR. Complimentary colours unite! On my nails. OK!  I am way out of control.

I knew  that Royal and Man With The Golden Gun were made for each other. And I had two days off in a row. So I made it happen.







I couldn’t stop staring! And then I went back to work today and they bit the dust. BUT! I am doing a “To Dupe Or Not To Dupe” post as I type this. I know. It’s been a while since I’ve done that kind of post. I have a catalogue of swatches for this series. But I don’t know. They’re all on nail wheels. I need to get my keister in gear and swatch them on my nails.

Stay tuned friends! Next up, a smackdown between Revlon and NOPI Modern Family.


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