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Color Club Red-ical Gypsy

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Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

You know, I never really understood that greeting or saying or whatever. Using “ho” is just too out of date now I guess.

Anyway. As part of my personal mission to shed some possessions by the end of 2013, I figured that the best place to start, would be my nail polish collection. So I am going through every single one of my polishes, and finally figuring out what needs to stay and what really should go. I already know that I will be keeping this colour, because not only is is by one of my favourite brands, but it is also a flattering red for my skin tone.

Red-ical Gypsy is from the Back To Boho collection Color Club came out with for Fall 2011. It was a two part set that I was lucky enough to find one day during a browse through Winners. ALL of my bottles weren’t labelled, which is the downfall of buying Color Club at Winners. They never have the labelled sets. I’ve actually had this since its release, but I’ve only worn…four,no, five of the colours. Rad Nomad being one of my all time favourite polishes, and New Bohemian being the colour that I always grab when I actually want Blue-ming (from the Blossoming Spring 2012 collection). Well, Red-ical Gypsy is my go-to red layering polish because it is a great, smooth formula that goes on in two coats and dries a touch darker than my pictures show. It’s less candy apple and more cherry red pencil crayon red. NOT actually cherry fruit red. It’s a bit squishy like a jelly, but pigmented like a creme. I wouldn’t call it dominantly either finish, which may be why I like it so much.

I actually grabbed it to layer under Elle’s Spell by Barielle and then realized I haven’t ever actually worn it alone. Which is a shame because it’s fabulous. So I will post these (not so great) pictures that I snapped before the layering. They are all two coats without top coat and I apologize for the less than stellar photo setup. These were last minute snaps.

No flash, crappy lighting

No flash, crappy lighting

This picture is actually a tad more colour accurate than the next two, but that’s only because the next ones have flash, and are sort of washed out.

Red-ical Gypsy2

Red-ical Gypsy3

Tomorrow, I will post the mani with Elle’s Spell and you can get a better look at this baby in natural light. It turns out, this is the PERFECT red underwear for ES.

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