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To Dupe or Not To Dupe: NOPI Luke of The Draw vs Revlon Ritzy

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Howdily Doodily! Today I have the first To Dupe or Not To Dupe of 2013! I’ve been seeing swatches of the new Modern Family collab with Nicole by OPI, ALL. UP. IN. MY. GRILL. I’ve never really committed myself to the show and as much as I love the Nicole by OPI availability in my town…well. I hate the bottles. I actually really hate them. So much that I am actually considering buying a flat of empty polish bottles, and decanting them ALL. Just I can organize them better. I am also noticing some er…settling issues with some of the more recent colours. And to be honest, a lot of the colours from this collection really didn’t do it for me. I feel like I could find similar colours in my stash. I’m also fairly certain that ‘Stand by Your Manny’ is basically ‘Nothing Kim-pares To Blue’ from the Wel-Kim to My World Kardashian collection, rebottled and renamed. BUT! I am eternally a sucker for glitter. So the black base and silver glitter of Luke of The Draw kind of appealed to me. So I picked it up with some Christmas money and promptly forgot about it. As I so often do.

And then I was stalking the new Revlon display at Wal Mart and saw Ritzy. A black base with silver glitter. As soon as I got it home, I KNEW, I would compare these two. And they really aren’t dupes. But I don’t need both.

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon

Here they are at one coat and you can already see that they aren’t the same.

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon, NOPI

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon, NOPI

The NOPI is PACKED with glitter, while the Revlon is stuffed with silver hexes. I actually prefer the Revlon over the NOPI, and not because of the stupid bottle or the lame name. I feel like the NOPI is more of a black with silver glitter on top, where as the Revlon actually seems like a black polish with glitter in it. Honestly, this is something that will be entirely up to personal preference. I’m glad I compared them, because I know that this would have bothered me until it had been done.

Both of these polishes had good formulas. They applied nicely and were easy to control. With the Revlon, it was a bit on the thin side, yet gloopy with glitter at the same time. If that makes sense. My bottle of Seche is reaching that molasses stage, so I blobbed some of that on. The next day, they did appear to have had a bit to drink from the top coat fountain, but nothing that another coat couldn’t have fixed.

I will probably hold on to the Revlon and let the NOPI go. I don’t feel like I need both and I certainly know that I can find ‘Luke of the Draw’ a better home.

Which one would you choose?




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