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Way back when the original Hidden Treasure hit the scene, I was hooked. Thoughts of finding a flakie polish seemed like a pipe dream. The days of HT had long passed and I was certain I would never own a flakie. Oh how wrong I was. Soon the flakie cup would runneth over in my black hole town and I would come to own several. My first was Joe Fresh Twilight, which had the same colour shift as HT, but was in a black jelly base. For obvious reasons, my options were limited when it came to layering that baby. And for a long time, that was the only one I had. Then along came Elle’s Spell. I had seen this in a Barielle mini set at my local Winners countless times and passed on it each time. None of the other colours in the set (Night Moves, if anyone is wondering) were all that special. And usually when you pass on something at Winners, chances are, when you are struck with non-buyer’s remorse and go back to get it, it is long gone.

But not this time. For three weeks, I picked up the set, stared longingly at Elle’s Spell, put the set down and left. I entertained the idea of buying just a single bottle…but I couldn’t pull the online trigger. Shipping in Canada is outrageous. And I don’t have a credit card (thank God. I would be in unhealthy amounts of debt if I could shop freely online) so the money would actually come out of my bank account. Finally, after my umpteenth visit of it being there, I caved and bought the set.

And, like many lacquerheads, I put it away and forgot to wear it. Then I would go through the same “Pick up polish and stare wistfully at it before promptly putting it down” game I had played at Winners. I paid 16 bucks to do the same thing at home, that I had done at a store.

So, FINALLY, I decided it was make or break time for Elle’s Spell. If I didn’t like it, I would find it a new home. And I honestly thought I would be putting it up for adoption, because it has that same ‘red, gold, green’ shift that a standard flakie had. Only in a red jelly base. So, again, limited options. But as soon as I put the one and only coat over Red-ical Gypsy, I knew my money had been well spent.

I. LOVE. THIS. POLISH. And really, there isn’t anything overly special about it that couldn’t achieve by layering, say HT or Shine of The Times by Essie, over the same Color Club red. But damn. I just have to keep it.

These photos are one coat of Elle’s Spell with one coat of top coat over Red-ical Gyspy.





Tomorrow, I will have some magnetic polish to throw in your face. So many people (two) have been talking about it and I realized that I have some I (surprise surprise) haven’t worn yet!



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