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Wet n Wild No-Gas, Electrically Charged

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Howdy, howdy, howdy! Today I have one of the Wet N Wild magnetic polishes that was released (in my area at least) at the tail end of the summer. I was REALLY excited to see these because they weren’t the standard magnetic colours that most polish lines were putting out at the time. In the bottle, they all had a duochrome shift that I was sure would make the magnetic pattern punch me in the face.

Well…I am here to share my disappointment in these polishes. The magnet that came with them was so weak, it didn’t even leave a pattern. So I actually ended up using the magnet from my Sally Hansen polishes. And even then…the effect was subtle. In the bottle, No-Gas, Electrically Charged had a GORGEOUS purple/green shift. So I figured, at least if the magnet blows, the polish won’t be a total waste.

No Gas


No Gas2


As you can see, the polish is a little flat. This is before the magnet, so it’s the true colour. I may give it one more chance out in actual daylight, but it’s still a huge disappointment. I was really hoping for some of that awesome pureen (purple/green) flash. I will say that the polish is super pigmented, as the above pictures are only one coat.

Then I added a second coat, one nail at a time, and used the magnet.

No Gas3


On the pinky, I used the magnet that came with the polish. And as you can see, or can’t, there was no real change.

No Gas4


All in all, this polish really let me down, and I probably won’t hold on to it. Unless that duochrome comes alive in the sun, which is unlikely.

Tomorrow, I will show you a real colour shifting beauty!


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