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China Glaze Deviantly Daring

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Howdy, howdy, howdy! I know I said I’d post this “tomorrow”, which turned into four days. Oops. Sorry folks. I wanted to take the weekend and bake. Mission accomplished! I made some delicious salted caramel ganache tarts. I know that I also called this polish a colour shifting beauty. And while it is much shiftier (in a good way) than the last polish I posted, it is certainly not the strongest duochrome I own.

China Glaze Deviant

Deviantly Daring is the other China Glaze polish my momtar got me for Christmas. It comes from the New Bohemian collection, which was CG’s Summer 2012 collection. In the bottle, it looks FANTASTIC. All flashy and blue and green and gold…and on the nail, it looks all teal and shiny and pretty. I took about a grillion pictures of this polish. In daylight, with flash and then in just my regular, low lit nail polish room. So I am about to spam you. You’ve been warned. I will add a jump for you, if you so please to continue.

Deviantly Daring

FLASH! You can see how much blue there actually is in this polish. And you can understand why I love it.

Deviantly Daring3

Oh dear. SO. PRETTY.

Deviantly Daring4

This is the closest colour change I could get. Also, these are my hands in their natural habitat: In the kitchen.

Deviantly Daring5

Deviantly Daring6

Out in the sun, you can see how teal this is. This polish is definitely a keeper. The formula was awesome and easy to work with. I was also surprised by how pigmented it was! I could have gotten away with one thick coat. But I did two out of habit. I hear this polish works well for stamping so I may have to bust out the stamps and give it a go!


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