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Revlon Heavenly & Sally Hansen White Veil

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! Sorry for the break in posts! A friend came to visit and I was hoping to see more of him, but life got in the way so I really didn’t see enough!

Today, I have a polish I am assuming is LE, with a new Revlon that I think they are adding to the core collection for now. This Sally Hansen was from their Diamond Strength line and I think it was a Fall/Winter collection because I can’t find this anywhere now. It was a gift from a friend and I am SO glad. Because I saw it many times in store and NEVER wanted it. It seemed so boring. But then I got it and WOW. I will use this more than the other two from this collection that I picked up! It’s awesome! A neutral glitter! Yes. They exist! I paired this with Wet N Wild Black Creme because it is a great, cheap 1 1/2 coat black polish! Less than two bucks! CANADIAN! WHEEE! Ok. Enough! Here I am modeling with a special edition Dead Rising 2 prop, because I am awesome lame and that’s what I had lying around.


I am actually surprised by how much I loved this! In the bottle, this looked like a bandaid in a bottle. To me. That is how boring I thought it would be! And oh MAN! I was so wrong!


I  NEED  TO WEAR THIS AGAIN! But not now because I am wearing a silver foil so it would look silly. BUT MAN! Thank you until the end of the world, Ellen! This is amazing!

…but then I wondered what would happen if I added Revlon “Heavenly.” *dead*

To quote Janice from Friends: Oh. My. GOD!


I just…I can’t even. I’ve read that a few people had issues with the formula on this bad boy. But I didn’t. It was perfect. No fishing, no goopiness…it was awesome. I loved it. And I will ALSO wear this one for a long time! I’m imagining how it will look over a white or a nice clean, pastel blue…oh my god. Dead.



In the light of day, with its lacquer partner. Oh man…I am so in love…even if you are weary of the formula…but Heavenly of you can. Because it is under five dollars and you have a pretty good shot of getting a bottle with a decent formula!

In fact, both of these polishes were cool. One coat of each with no dabbing or placing or fishing for glitter! The Sally Hansen will be a bit harder to find, but right now, the Revlon is all up in the consumer grill!

(Belated) Fossil Friday: Sally Hansen Chrome Turquoise

Aloha readers! I worked really late last night and my previous mani held up much better than I thought it would on an 8 hour closing shift at the big Q. Not much of an excuse…but the ten thirty arrival time at home followed by my eleven thirty bed time is what did me in. In that hour of unwinding, I did wrangle a line up of polishes and set Mr. J loose. By the light of his Mac and the intrigue of the bottle (maybe even the fact that is said ‘Chrome Nail Makeup) he chose this beauty:

Sally Hansen Turquoise


This is one of the VERY FIRST polishes I ever owned. I’m not one who enjoys revealing her age…but this polish has been with me for 16 years. Yes. You read that right. And it still flows like relatively new! My momtar bought me this, long ago, as I was on the verge of “womanhood” and should have been into things like this. Remarkably, it is still with me. So for all of those believers in ‘nail polish goes bad’ here is proof that some of them age like wine.

A 1997 vintage, this chrome went on a little patchy and I needed three coats to even it out. It flowed quite nicely, all things considered, but did reek of chemicals. It wasn’t overly brush-strokey either, which was nice. And it had an amazing dry time! The brush was a bit wonky, but I imagine that’s because it’s 16 years old.

Sally Hansen Turquoise3


And here we have it by the grey light of day!

This stellar ’97 vintage is best enjoyed at room temperature. Its very high pigment content makes it best enjoyed in no more than three thin coats. Such a strong polish should be matched with a sturdy (ridge filling, if needed) base coat and an equally sturdy top coat. I recommend resisting the urge to swirl the bottle and sniff the chrome, as it could lead to mild lightheadedness. There have been many replicas in this world, but so far, there can be only one original in my collection. I am very proud to have managed to maintain possession of such a beauty, as I have created many a memory after consuming this polish. I will continue to hold on to it, maybe using it for such things as stamping or art, thanks to its rapid dry time and uber pigmentation.

I hope you all enjoyed another glimpse into my polish past!

Bandage Bling!

Hey! I got COMPLETELY sucked into Ocarina of Time (yes the Nintendo64 game) and lost all track of time. Which is mildly ironic, considering that is the entire premise of the game. I also went on a swatch spree, in an effort to begin purging my stash. I have gone from ONE polish to gift, to about TEN. Yay! Progress! For me. In reality I haven’t even made a dent in my collection. But I feel like I am making headway. I also did my first ever stamp mani! WOAH! I AM ALSO UTILIZING TOOLS I HAVE. Serious business. I also picked up the first issue of Nail It! Magazine, which is extremely exciting because it is, obviously, a magazine about nail polish and nail art.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I would bring you pictures of what I did to Bandage when I got bored! Which, let’s be honest, was after a day and a half. I was killing time before work and I stumbled upon some very cute nail wraps/jewels in Wal Mart for about four bucks. They weren’t like the polish strips that take forever to apply, plus filing and frustration and whatnot. They were simply stick and top coat and then you’re off! It was great! Except I didn’t use top coat because…I was killing time before work and didn’t have any on hand. And I am surprised to say that even without, they stood up against the food beast of Quiznos! Even with impromptu filing, which left mild overhang.





How cute are these! Seriously! They’re done by Fingr’s and this particular product is called Flirt Nail Bling. As far as I can see, it doesn’t have a name for this design but it’s in the nail section of Wal Mart. So if you see them…GRAB THEM! They are a fun way to liven up a tired mani!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Bandage

Aloha amigos! Today I have some nudes for you. Nail polish wise anyway. And if you want to get technical, there is only one nude. But I thought I was being cheeky.

ANYWAY. After all of that colour and glitter, I needed a break. My default nude/neutral has been Rad Nomad or Nomadic in Nude. Mainly because I don’t own a lot of true nudes. I felt that if I couldn’t find one that gave me “mannequin hands” then I wanted nothing to do with it. Because if I don’t want to look like I’m wearing nail polish, I want a nail polish that blends into me.

…what? Why don’t I just skip polish? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Get off of my blog, because you don’t understand. Just kidding. Please don’t go. I love your naive ways. They remind me of a time before all of this. A time when life was simple, and nails weren’t jaundice from polish. A time when I could go to bed and wake up with nails without sheet marks. *sigh* Those were the days. Sometimes I do miss them.

But not enough to give all of my polish away and start fresh. Forget that. I’m in this for the long haul. Enter Sally Hansen. This is a brand that, along with Revlon, dominates my collection. It is cheap, easy to get to, and rarely lets me down. I don’t own a lot of polishes from the Complete Salon Manicure line, because I am not drawn to a lot of them. Also, I hate the brush. A lot. But I do stalk my local Wal Mart, Superstore and drugstores, looking for the designer collab collections. Which I rarely find. When a new collection finally did show up in my town, I stared at it for a full two minutes. Mostly because I was so disappointed with what I saw. I snagged Gilded Lily because it looked awesome. It was a rare disappointment; not because of formula or anything, but because it just didn’t mesh with me. I hated it as soon as I painted my first nail. Then Bandage caught my eye. It was so pale and fleshy, my heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Nail foundation in a bottle?

Bandage CSM2


Swoon. I freakin love this. It’s so smooth and perfect. I had absolutely no problem with the formula and this is ZERO cleanup! Now, I will admit that I have gotten MILES better at controlling where my polish goes, but there can be some pooling and trickiness with a few colours. Happily, this is not one of them! HOW PERFECT IS THIS COLOUR!?

For me, at least. You know what makes this even better? I got it on clearance. I paid three bucks for this baby. CSM polishes usually run between $6-8, depending on where you buy them. There were several CSM colours on clearance but I only wanted this one.

Bandage CSM3


I just…can’t. A lot of people might think I’m bananas for loving a nude this much. BUT OH MY GOD! IT’S SO CLEAN!

It is an amazing palate cleanser and I can see myself wearing this until the bottle runs out.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned to see what I did when I got bored with nude nails…

Fossil Friday: NYX Lime

Long time no post! But seriously…hello folks! I am actually very excited to start this feature, because as much as I love and adore all of the blogs I follow, I get a little burnt out with new, well known, collections being swatched all at the same time. Don’t get me wrong; those girls kill all of their swatches and I am sort of jealous I have limited access to new collection. But it’s kind of nice (for me) to see something a touch different. Enter my ancient polish collection! I am a sucker for nostalgia, so when I see another blog post swatches of a polish I have, I get very giddy. Why? Who knows?

This time, I chose…ok no. Mr. J chose, NYX Lime. I will offer mild backstory when I can remember it…which may not be all that often. Anywho…NYX Lime is a polish I picked up eons (about six years) ago, when I lived in Ottawa and worked at Laser Quest. I grabbed three polishes because, even though I wasn’t a lacquerhead, I still liked having painted nails. And I have always felt a connection with the ugly-pretty aspect of life. My momtar calls me “quirky” but I’m just plain weird. So of course, the second I saw this colour, I NEEDED it. I used to call it Slimer green, even though Slimer is radioactive. I think I just wanted to ignore that this colour was more like vomit or baby poo. But again, I DIDN’T CARE.

NYX Lime2

I don’t know why this looks so weird. But this polish is slightly bluer in tone. And looks less like…a bodily expulsion. And I honestly forgot how much I love this polish! I got so wrapped up in glitter and shimmer and…sparkly beauties…that I forgot my love of the ugly colours. Now, NYX has since release a new (glassfleck, shimmery) version of Lime, that I also purchased because it was pretty. And I love, love, LOVE the new bottles. Apparently very Deborah Lippman’s bottles. I wouldn’t know hahaha. But I love them for organizational purposes. Especially for those STUPID NOPI bottles. Why? Why? WHY WOULD YOU UNLEASH BOTTLES LIKE THAT ON THE POLISH WORLD, OPI! Mr. J has a co-worker who is a bit of a neat-freak. I showed him the NOPI bottles and that was all he said; WHY.

NYX Lime3

Under a flash-light, you can see the yellow undertone of this polish. I don’t care what light I view this under, I still love it. I tried to take accurate colour photos of this polish but I didn’t overly succeed. So I took pictures at work under florescent light and with a Mountain Dew bottle.

NYX Lime5

Mildly more colour accurate. Seriously. I love this. And I will NOT be purging it.

The formula was great. It smelled like a chem lab, but it flowed like a dream. I used two coats but should’ve used three. Say what you want about all of those chemical laden polishes of yesterday, but I loved how easy this was to control and it was before the time of the 3-Free polishes that still had to find their formula footing. I would definitely use three coats next time, or two coats over some light-neutral underwear. I think I might use Mr. J to choose many of my Fossil Friday polishes…

Either way, thanks for stopping by and I will be back with one of my Drugstore favourites: GOSH!

New Blog Feature: Fossil Fridays!

Hey there! Hi there!

I decided to start this feature when I was going through my horde stash and realized how many polishes have been with me since the beginning…of time. And a lot of my polishes really don’t deserve the “fossil” label. But in the polish world, they are probably considered as such. And to be fair, quite a few of my polishes have been with me since before I hit double digits. I am sad to say that I have thrown some polishes away. However, A LOT of them have stood the test of time. So I am starting this feature as a sharing of sorts for people that may need a bit of nostalgia. Or who are new to the polish world and don’t know of a time when chemicals gave polishes unopposed formulas of awesome, or that smell that would knock The Joker unconscious! To start out, this may not be something I post every week, but I will do my best! And there is a never ending supply of old polish out in the world. I also hope that this will give me motivation to purge even more of my collection. How is that going for me?


…I have one polish in my “Give away” bin. Yes. I know. I am horrible. ONE polish. Sigh. The hoarder jokes are starting to get to me…but I just can’t let go. IN MY DEFENSE! It’s nail polish and not paper cups.  Which Mr. J seems to think is the sign of a true hoarder. And I acknowledge my need to get rid of some of my nail polish. So HA! Not a hoarder! Evidence may not be in my favour, but you can be damn sure that I am working on finding better homes for some of my polish. So stay tuned (about five or so minutes) for my inaugural Fossil Friday!

Nicole by OPI Sweet Dreams

Howdy! I meant to post this last night, but I got completely obsessed by the need to watch Alien. So nerd overtook lacquerhead. But anyway! After I took all my pictures for my last TDONTD, I decided that I needed to add some glitter. Because…c’mon. What would the world be like without Captain Hook glitter? So I reached for one of my two Selena Gomez for NOPI polishes, Sweet Dreams. My town only got the glitter shades, which makes me sad because I am lemming that yellow HARDCORE. I’m hoping I can get my hands on it, or at least find out that there is a cheap, easily attainable dupe floating around. Now, Sweet Dreams is a very pretty mix of silver, aqua/blue and purple glitter. I was actually surprised by how dense and easy to use this polish was. Usually these kinds of glitter look thick, but don’t paint well and require dabbing and placing and are an all around PAIN. Both of the glitters I got were actually really dense and had massive payoff.

NOPI Sweet Dreams


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