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ORLY Rock the World

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Well hello, readers! Today I have a GORGEOUS foil from ORLY, called Rock The World. It’s a fabulous violet-gold foil with a red shimmer shift that just…KILLS me every time I wear it. So it should be no surprise that I am holding on to this colour for dear life. I picked this up at Winners along with Rococo A-Go-Go. Both polishes come from their 2011 Mineral FX collection and if you ever come across these polishes either for regular price or less, BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY! Because they are out-of-this-world amazing. I will post RAGG when I wear it next. But for now, here is a picture heavy post for one of the prettiest polishes I own.

Rock The World

Seriously. I am so glad I stalk Winners on a regular basis. By now, they probably think I am casing the place for the ultimate score. No, really. I’m in there just about everyday. Just staring at their lone makeup shelf.

Orly Rock The World




The classic drink shot. I unintentionally created a signature. Or maybe not. I just feel like all of my pictures are taken with an energy drink. Oh well.



Some nice daylight action! Look at that beautiful polish! So flattering for my pale Dutch girl skin!



SWOON. Definite keeper.

I finally got around to swatching the $OPI Cinderella collection that a good friend bought me in September on her trip to Disneyland. Yeah. I am THAT bogged down by my nail polish. And it’s a great little collection! Stay tuned!



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