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ORLY Rococo A-Go-Go

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Hi diddly ho! Yes, I took a bit of a breather. I’ve been feeling pretty crummy and uninspired lately. Not nail polish wise. I’ve been painting and photographing everyday. I just don’t know how to write the posts. And I know that I said I would have the $OPI Cinderella collection this time around. But then I got thinking about how beautiful Rococo A-Go-Go is and my mind was made up. My only regret is that I forgot to get a bottle shot and a drink shot. C’est la vie.

RAGG is so freaking gorgeous! It’s dark and shimmery and WOW. Sometimes it’s purple-red, sometimes it’s red-brown. But it is always fabulous.


Seriously. Homer drooling over a donut ain’t got nothing on me drooling over this polish.


As always, I apologize for my raggedy cuticles. I’ve been doing a lot of kitchen work. Both at home and at my actual work. Soaking my hands in oil wouldn’t save my cuticles from this brutal Canadian show winter. I’m talking about Sons of Anarchy with Mr. J, which is why I typed ‘show’ instead of ‘winter’.


It doesn’t stop! I freakin’ love this!


This picture makes my fingers look like little sausages but it shows the brown shift this baby possesses. Again, if you see this polish and have the monetary means to buy it…DO IT! Your nails will thank you!


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