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To Dupe or Not To Dupe: Color Club Pucci-licious VS Wet N Wild On a Trip

Aloha! I have an unintentional TDONTD for you today. On my quest to swatch and weed through my collection, I realized that I have part of Color Club’s Poptastic collection, that I haven’t worn. Something about the winter blahs just aren’t screaming for neons. They were staring at me, guilting me into swatching them next. But I looked away, too ashamed that I had let them sit for so long. I rummaged through some other brand’s drawers (ooooer, now entering the naughty portion of the review), hoping to come up with a colour I’d had even longer than my Poptastics. That’s when I spotted On a Trip, from Wet N Wild’s Megalast line. It was time to face facts: I had to start swatching the Poptastics. Not just for the sake of my collection, but for the sake of saving one of you guys some time and effort (and maybe money!) on a quest for a glorious, duty purple that makes for the PERFECT base for Joker’s suitΒ nail art. Because I know I can’t be the only one wondering if I could find that kind of purple. And I did use On a Trip for his suit. But now I’m thinking I may need to revisit that nail art using Pucci-licious!


Don’t mind the weirdness of this picture. I was playing around in photoshop to see if I could unblur it. And as you may have guessed, these two are not dead on dupes. But does that warrant the need for both in my collection? Well….define need. Will I be keeping both? For the time being, yes. From left to right: WNW, CC, WNW, CC.


Two coats of each colour. The Wet N Wild is a bit darker, and it’s also not as pigmented. I could barely get away with the two coats I used. Does that make me love it less? No.



I didn’t wear top coat for any of these pictures. The formula was great on the Color Club, and was a hair below great on the Wet N Wild. WNW was a little runny, but nothing that couldn’t be controlled with patience and practice. I’m also not the hugest fan of the brush in the WNW because it’s one of those “Pro Wide” brushes that are so popular with drugstore brand polishes (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and CSM, I’m looking at you!) and my nails are on the narrower side. So when I polish with brushes like those, I have to use a feather touch. Which I don’t have time for. Especially because I drink a lot. That being said, the colour payoff is worth the mild hassle and I will have to think hard about keeping both of these polishes.


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