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Nicole by OPI Sweet Dreams

Howdy! I meant to post this last night, but I got completely obsessed by the need to watch Alien. So nerd overtook lacquerhead. But anyway! After I took all my pictures for my last TDONTD, I decided that I needed to add some glitter. Because…c’mon. What would the world be like without Captain Hook glitter? So I reached for one of my two Selena Gomez for NOPI polishes, Sweet Dreams. My town only got the glitter shades, which makes me sad because I am lemming that yellow HARDCORE. I’m hoping I can get my hands on it, or at least find out that there is a cheap, easily attainable dupe floating around. Now, Sweet Dreams is a very pretty mix of silver, aqua/blue and purple glitter. I was actually surprised by how dense and easy to use this polish was. Usually these kinds of glitter look thick, but don’t paint well and require dabbing and placing and are an all around PAIN. Both of the glitters I got were actually really dense and had massive payoff.

NOPI Sweet Dreams



I used one coat for my photos and as soon as this baby hit the beauty that was Pucci-licious and On a Trip, I was IN. LOVE. Those two colours provided such an awesome base for Sweet Dreams. And, dare I say it, even turned the bling DOWN? I love when a glitter can be in your face, but when paired with the right underwear, can be soft and teasing. Oh Sweet Dreams, you saucy minx.

Please ignore my hands in the next couple of pictures, I had just gotten out of the shower. So they’re a bit wrinkly.

NOPI Sweet Dreams2


NOPI Sweet Dreams3


Oh be still, my glitter loving heart. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whether you’re on your own, or all loved up, nail polish will do its best to solve all of your woes!

I’m also working on a new series, after re-organizing my stash in an effort to purge and catalogue. Easier said than done…


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