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New Blog Feature: Fossil Fridays!

Hey there! Hi there!

I decided to start this feature when I was going through my horde stash and realized how many polishes have been with me since the beginning…of time. And a lot of my polishes really don’t deserve the “fossil” label. But in the polish world, they are probably considered as such. And to be fair, quite a few of my polishes have been with me since before I hit double digits. I am sad to say that I have thrown some polishes away. However, A LOT of them have stood the test of time. So I am starting this feature as a sharing of sorts for people that may need a bit of nostalgia. Or who are new to the polish world and don’t know of a time when chemicals gave polishes unopposed formulas of awesome, or that smell that would knock The Joker unconscious! To start out, this may not be something I post every week, but I will do my best! And there is a never ending supply of old polish out in the world. I also hope that this will give me motivation to purge even more of my collection. How is that going for me?


…I have one polish in my “Give away” bin. Yes. I know. I am horrible. ONE polish. Sigh. The hoarder jokes are starting to get to me…but I just can’t let go. IN MY DEFENSE! It’s nail polish and not paper cups.  Which Mr. J seems to think is the sign of a true hoarder. And I acknowledge my need to get rid of some of my nail polish. So HA! Not a hoarder! Evidence may not be in my favour, but you can be damn sure that I am working on finding better homes for some of my polish. So stay tuned (about five or so minutes) for my inaugural Fossil Friday!


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