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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Bandage

Aloha amigos! Today I have some nudes for you. Nail polish wise anyway. And if you want to get technical, there is only one nude. But I thought I was being cheeky.

ANYWAY. After all of that colour and glitter, I needed a break. My default nude/neutral has been Rad Nomad or Nomadic in Nude. Mainly because I don’t own a lot of true nudes. I felt that if I couldn’t find one that gave me “mannequin hands” then I wanted nothing to do with it. Because if I don’t want to look like I’m wearing nail polish, I want a nail polish that blends into me.

…what? Why don’t I just skip polish? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Get off of my blog, because you don’t understand. Just kidding. Please don’t go. I love your naive ways. They remind me of a time before all of this. A time when life was simple, and nails weren’t jaundice from polish. A time when I could go to bed and wake up with nails without sheet marks. *sigh* Those were the days. Sometimes I do miss them.

But not enough to give all of my polish away and start fresh. Forget that. I’m in this for the long haul. Enter Sally Hansen. This is a brand that, along with Revlon, dominates my collection. It is cheap, easy to get to, and rarely lets me down. I don’t own a lot of polishes from the Complete Salon Manicure line, because I am not drawn to a lot of them. Also, I hate the brush. A lot. But I do stalk my local Wal Mart, Superstore and drugstores, looking for the designer collab collections. Which I rarely find. When a new collection finally did show up in my town, I stared at it for a full two minutes. Mostly because I was so disappointed with what I saw. I snagged Gilded Lily because it looked awesome. It was a rare disappointment; not because of formula or anything, but because it just didn’t mesh with me. I hated it as soon as I painted my first nail. Then Bandage caught my eye. It was so pale and fleshy, my heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Nail foundation in a bottle?

Bandage CSM2


Swoon. I freakin love this. It’s so smooth and perfect. I had absolutely no problem with the formula and this is ZERO cleanup! Now, I will admit that I have gotten MILES better at controlling where my polish goes, but there can be some pooling and trickiness with a few colours. Happily, this is not one of them! HOW PERFECT IS THIS COLOUR!?

For me, at least. You know what makes this even better? I got it on clearance. I paid three bucks for this baby. CSM polishes usually run between $6-8, depending on where you buy them. There were several CSM colours on clearance but I only wanted this one.

Bandage CSM3


I just…can’t. A lot of people might think I’m bananas for loving a nude this much. BUT OH MY GOD! IT’S SO CLEAN!

It is an amazing palate cleanser and I can see myself wearing this until the bottle runs out.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned to see what I did when I got bored with nude nails…


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