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Bandage Bling!

Hey! I got COMPLETELY sucked into Ocarina of Time (yes the Nintendo64 game) and lost all track of time. Which is mildly ironic, considering that is the entire premise of the game. I also went on a swatch spree, in an effort to begin purging my stash. I have gone from ONE polish to gift, to about TEN. Yay! Progress! For me. In reality I haven’t even made a dent in my collection. But I feel like I am making headway. I also did my first ever stamp mani! WOAH! I AM ALSO UTILIZING TOOLS I HAVE. Serious business. I also picked up the first issue of Nail It! Magazine, which is extremely exciting because it is, obviously, a magazine about nail polish and nail art.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I would bring you pictures of what I did to Bandage when I got bored! Which, let’s be honest, was after a day and a half. I was killing time before work and I stumbled upon some very cute nail wraps/jewels in Wal Mart for about four bucks. They weren’t like the polish strips that take forever to apply, plus filing and frustration and whatnot. They were simply stick and top coat and then you’re off! It was great! Except I didn’t use top coat because…I was killing time before work and didn’t have any on hand. And I am surprised to say that even without, they stood up against the food beast of Quiznos! Even with impromptu filing, which left mild overhang.





How cute are these! Seriously! They’re done by Fingr’s and this particular product is called Flirt Nail Bling. As far as I can see, it doesn’t have a name for this design but it’s in the nail section of Wal Mart. So if you see them…GRAB THEM! They are a fun way to liven up a tired mani!


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