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(Belated) Fossil Friday: Sally Hansen Chrome Turquoise

Aloha readers! I worked really late last night and my previous mani held up much better than I thought it would on an 8 hour closing shift at the big Q. Not much of an excuse…but the ten thirty arrival time at home followed by my eleven thirty bed time is what did me in. In that hour of unwinding, I did wrangle a line up of polishes and set Mr. J loose. By the light of his Mac and the intrigue of the bottle (maybe even the fact that is said ‘Chrome Nail Makeup) he chose this beauty:

Sally Hansen Turquoise


This is one of the VERY FIRST polishes I ever owned. I’m not one who enjoys revealing her age…but this polish has been with me for 16 years. Yes. You read that right. And it still flows like relatively new! My momtar bought me this, long ago, as I was on the verge of “womanhood” and should have been into things like this. Remarkably, it is still with me. So for all of those believers in ‘nail polish goes bad’ here is proof that some of them age like wine.

A 1997 vintage, this chrome went on a little patchy and I needed three coats to even it out. It flowed quite nicely, all things considered, but did reek of chemicals. It wasn’t overly brush-strokey either, which was nice. And it had an amazing dry time! The brush was a bit wonky, but I imagine that’s because it’s 16 years old.

Sally Hansen Turquoise3


And here we have it by the grey light of day!

This stellar ’97 vintage is best enjoyed at room temperature. Its very high pigment content makes it best enjoyed in no more than three thin coats. Such a strong polish should be matched with a sturdy (ridge filling, if needed) base coat and an equally sturdy top coat. I recommend resisting the urge to swirl the bottle and sniff the chrome, as it could lead to mild lightheadedness. There have been many replicas in this world, but so far, there can be only one original in my collection. I am very proud to have managed to maintain possession of such a beauty, as I have created many a memory after consuming this polish. I will continue to hold on to it, maybe using it for such things as stamping or art, thanks to its rapid dry time and uber pigmentation.

I hope you all enjoyed another glimpse into my polish past!


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