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Revlon Heavenly & Sally Hansen White Veil

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! Sorry for the break in posts! A friend came to visit and I was hoping to see more of him, but life got in the way so I really didn’t see enough!

Today, I have a polish I am assuming is LE, with a new Revlon that I think they are adding to the core collection for now. This Sally Hansen was from their Diamond Strength line and I think it was a Fall/Winter collection because I can’t find this anywhere now. It was a gift from a friend and I am SO glad. Because I saw it many times in store and NEVER wanted it. It seemed so boring. But then I got it and WOW. I will use this more than the other two from this collection that I picked up! It’s awesome! A neutral glitter! Yes. They exist! I paired this with Wet N Wild Black Creme because it is a great, cheap 1 1/2 coat black polish! Less than two bucks! CANADIAN! WHEEE! Ok. Enough! Here I am modeling with a special edition Dead Rising 2 prop, because I am awesome lame and that’s what I had lying around.


I am actually surprised by how much I loved this! In the bottle, this looked like a bandaid in a bottle. To me. That is how boring I thought it would be! And oh MAN! I was so wrong!


I  NEED  TO WEAR THIS AGAIN! But not now because I am wearing a silver foil so it would look silly. BUT MAN! Thank you until the end of the world, Ellen! This is amazing!

…but then I wondered what would happen if I added Revlon “Heavenly.” *dead*

To quote Janice from Friends: Oh. My. GOD!


I just…I can’t even. I’ve read that a few people had issues with the formula on this bad boy. But I didn’t. It was perfect. No fishing, no goopiness…it was awesome. I loved it. And I will ALSO wear this one for a long time! I’m imagining how it will look over a white or a nice clean, pastel blue…oh my god. Dead.



In the light of day, with its lacquer partner. Oh man…I am so in love…even if you are weary of the formula…but Heavenly of you can. Because it is under five dollars and you have a pretty good shot of getting a bottle with a decent formula!

In fact, both of these polishes were cool. One coat of each with no dabbing or placing or fishing for glitter! The Sally Hansen will be a bit harder to find, but right now, the Revlon is all up in the consumer grill!


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