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Blog awards: A.K.A I am behind in life!

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Aloha! I was nominated (a while back) by the FABULOUS Kalliana from 9to5Nails for the following three awards:

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

One Lovely Blog Award

I can’t even begin to say how flabbergasted and flattered I am that even one person thinks any of these things about my blog. Back when I started this blog, I was sort of doing it as an outlet for my frustration and sadness for the reaction I got from people about all of my nail polish. It’s stupid, I know. I shouldn’t have to justify my passions. And I wish that I had an arm’s length of blogs to nominate. But I want to spotlight on a blog that JUST started (and also just started following me, but that’s besides the point). I really should find a way, and some time, to hunt for new nail blogs.

This blog is Ooh La La Nails! A blogger from across the way (or pond), I can already tell she will be great. She already shows such great care in her nails and cuticles (unlike a certain blogger-me) and she has a great narrative to her posts. Also…toothpicks are called cocktail sticks over there? I don’t want to say UK and be wrong.

On that note…here are my random facts!

1) I HATE odd numbers. I just…I don’t like how they can’t be divided in half. It is a random OCD trait I have.

2) I am a well of useless trivia.

3) I can’t get enough of the show Monster Bug Wars

4) When I was a toddler, I would lock myself in my grandma’s bathroom and such toothpaste from the tube

5) When allowed out to play at my grandma’s, I would make a beeline for the highway

6) I could watch The Goonies on repeat forever

7) I can’t smell farts or poo

That’s all for today! After some rest, I hope to return tomorrow!

Wet N Wild Glowstick with some stamping

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Aloha! Currently, my nails are on the outs; a random chunk of skin from my right index finger went missing yesterday. Yes, I am mildly wounded, which means that finger is in a no polish zone. Because…OW. Also, as I mentioned, the slicer and I are on the outs. It took another nail yesterday. I have just about had it! I’m also still in a very sad place right now, which I won’t go into detail about because…BORING.

Yes, I am aware that I did that twice. It needed to be done. Also! I have been baking. And when I bake, nail polish takes a hit. I would love to be able to have them co-exist. Alas, food colouring and whatnot sort of ruins a mani. So here I am. I’m going to show you a FABULOUS glowy green from the Fergie Wet N Wild line that just showed up at my local Wal Mart.

It’s a great acid green with a golden/yellow shimmer that is. UNF. And I NEVER use that in text. But then…I had to go and stamp over it…for the first time. Yes. I was a stamping virgin up until this mani. Sure, I had dicked around with it, but had never done it seriously.

…I should have waited…



The first finger turned out just fine but then it all went downhill from there. LOOK AT THAT PINKY! WAS I DRUNK?! (The answer is: Probably)



Oh yeah. That’s the stuff…



I should put this on again! Must…paint…nails…

Unnamed Peach Franken

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Aloha! My hands are undergoing some serious moisturizing at the moment, so now you can finally see the pastel neon peach shade I made in my thirst for clean, bright colours! In about five hours, the heat in our apartment will (hopefully) be back on. Until then…nails!


AH! SO PRETTY! It’s a touch brighter in person but still so awesome.


Mmmmmm, smooth peach. Peach smoothie? I WANT PEACHES!

And now, back to Warehouse 13, thanks to Adventures in Acetone!

Fossil Fridays: L’Oreal Bijou Crystals B. Fearless

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Well, well, well. It looks like I have a FF for you guys after all! Chalk it up to getting some much needed sleep and snuggle time with my bed. It didn’t to have Mr. J either. It’s the first time I’ve gotten just the right amount of sleep in a while. Lately it’s been too little (too often) or TOO. MUCH. Yes, you can have too much sleep. I think that actually makes me feel worse. I just feel so lethargic and bummed when I sleep too much. So it was a good morning. Needless to say, here I am with an amazing fossil for you today.

This one is a polish I actually hoarded when my step dad helped close/renovate an old dollar store. Why he was compelled to take all of the nail polish and make up, I don’t know. But he is my favourite for it. Otherwise these glorious gems never would’ve made it into my collection. And there are a lot of them. When I started this series, I thought I would have Mr. J pick the fossil of the week, because he supports my obsession hobby completely. And every week, I would put this polish in the lineup, but he would never go for it! I have quickly learned that he has a pull towards duochromes. And things that are ugly. Little does he know, that the “ugly” polishes are actually something I covet. I bought a polish called Brick by Joe Fresh because it was on clearance and it was the perfect Meatwad colour. He saw it and said: “Oh my God it looks like someone put an old period in a bottle!”

…thanks, Mr. J. So, after several failed attempts to bait the hook, I just picked this polish. He’ll be back next week haha.

LOreal B. Fearless4


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OPI Liquid Sand: Get Your Number

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Aloha amigos! Today I have one of the Liquid Sand polishes from OPI. Get Your Number was part of the Mariah Carey collection recently released. The idea of the Liquid Sand polishes intrigued me, because well…I forget top coat A LOT. So polishes that are meant to be worn without top coat are always a bonus for me. Which is why I am SOOOOOOOO on board with this texture trend. I can’t wait to hunt down the Milani textures, and the Pixie Dusts from Zoya (as soon as I can afford a haircut…since my salon sells Zoya)and well…any textures I can get my greedy hands on.

I would like to state that this was a surprise polish that my sister picked up for me and honestly…I was, and still am, over the moon that she thought of me. I hadn’t asked for it, I hadn’t even mentioned to anyone that I wanted it. She just…bought it for me. And WOW. I am SO happy!


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“If Looks Could Kale” Bob’s Burgers nail art!

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Aloha amigos and HAPPY MONDAY! Haha yeah right. For most folks, Monday is bad enough because it signals a new work week and the end of sleeping in and lazing around. But when it’s the Monday right after Daylight Savings time? Forget it. I am not so lucky to have weekends off. So today is the start of my weekend! I was lucky enough to share this day off with Mr. J, which meant groceries and cooking! And of course, endless frustration with Ocarina of Time, because I started the Water Temple about four and a half hours ago, with a half hour break for eating, and I am STILL not finished. I am getting ready to pitch this stupid thing out the window. And I overate and gave myself a wicked cramp in my side.

But enough about me! On to the nails! Now, those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, have seen these already. I was SO impressed with them that I couldn’t resist sharing immediately. This was also the first time I used acrylic paint and let me just say, it will not be my last time. I admire all the fantastically talented ladies that can whip up AMAZING designs using nail polish. But I do not have that patience. I also used a gel pen this time, after I saw THIS post on One Nail To Rule Them All. So of course, I headed to Michael’s and grabbed the Canadian equivalent of this pen. And it works!

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Fossil Friday Sally Hansen Ghoulish Green

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Aloha! Today I have a “gross one” as Mr. J calls it. This is an oldie (obviously) from Sally Hansen. It was part of an old Halloween collection, I assume. I’ve only shown it on its own, because if I layered it, I wouldn’t have day to capture it. But I do plan on layering this because BAM! There is a blue-green glow that I can’t wait to unleash on the sun!

After last week, I was hoping I would get this all scheduled to go up while I was at work, but then I was thrown a “closing shift” curveball last night and Mr. J was having a sleepover at his parents’ house. So, once again, I’m under the wire. But NOT next week. I will schedule this on Wednesday if I have to!

SH Ghoulish Green


SH Ghoulish Green2


Look at that bottle! Isn’t it ridiculous! I would also like to note that the meat slicer at Q and I are NOT on speaking terms. It seems to be hungry and the only thing that satiates it, would be my fingernails, apparently. It’s eaten FOUR of them. Yes. FOUR. Thankfully, my nails grow fast, so you haven’t had to see the aftermath of my traumas. I was also thinking of taking Folic acid, because it’s supposed to help with nail and hair growth. BUT, I do not need the headache of people in my life thinking I’m trying to have a baby.

SH Ghoulish Green4


Here is the Uggo under flash. It’s such a horrible colour but I LOVE IT.

Have a good night amigos and have a good weekend!