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Fossil Friday: Wet N Wild Black Ice

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OK so I am REALLY down to the wire on this guy. And I wish I had gotten WAY better pictures to showcase this beauty. But I rushed it, and it suffers.

This is another polish gift from Momtar many moons ago. It was one of the first “halloween” polishes I got and it has a wonderful bruised look. It’s a great red based purple with a green/blue shimmer and…it looks like a freakin’ day old bruise! I LOVE IT!




Here it is, super saturated under the flash.



And I managed to catch it on a rare angle when the shimmer flashes blue! Can you see the bruise comparison? *Homer drooling* I love this polish. Clearly, as it had been around just as long as my LAST fossil! And please ignore my decal…it was an experiment and now I want to take the darn thing off because it is the wrong kind of flashy!


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