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Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

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Happy Monday! But not really because…for most of you, that marks the end of the weekend and back to work. I happened to have today off so I got to sleep in. Back to the grind tomorrow.

I’m taking a break from a boss fight in Ocarina of Time (yep still playing that gem!) because it’s my first temple and…I am not prepared. If there is one thing about video games and I that NEVER fails, it’s my complete and utter panic as soon as a boss fight starts. A lot of times I walk away. But now that I live with Mr. J, I tend to run to him and ask him to save me. Only because I scare myself way too much. I know I could do it if I had nerves of steel. But I do not. Hence why I am here posting, instead of fighting Phantom Ganon. Because he is scary.

Anywho…this is a polish I’ve had for a long time and never worn because I had two others that were very similar. One of which, I won’t name names, had a CRAP formula for me and every time I saw it, I would get mad. And the other…I just kept forgetting I had. Shame on me. It went on to a better home, with my best friend’s older sister. The other *glares at the polish* is still with me. I may try and franken with it. But now I am off course. So on my week-long purge of polish, I came across this gem. And with all of the pastel swatches that have been floating around thanks to the ever impending promise of Spring, I put it on IMMEDIATELY!

Mint Sorbet


This shot is a bit blurry, but here is Mint Sorbet in all of it’s creamy, pastel glory! I was quite skeptical of this polish, mainly because of a certain mint shade that plagued me. But not this baby. This was a dream. A creamy, minty, ice creamy dream. Admittedly, the first coat was patchy and streaky, which gave me Nam flashbacks. But it leveled out and became opaque after the second. It’s so clean, and fresh and aside from making me want ice cream, it makes me want Spring and warmer weather.

Mint Sorbet2


I mean COME ON! It’s awesome! And cheap! This bad boy retails for less than three bucks at Wal Mart and I’m pretty sure you can get your polish loving hands on it, if your source of lacquer is limited like mine.

Mint Sorbet3


Soooooooo pretty and soft! And then I had to go and get carried away with striper polish…



*sigh* So ends a glorious life of a simple, pastel cream…

Stay tuned amigos! I have some pretty intense nail art in the works, and am actually aiming to start a mini-series next week, thanks to my intense N64-ing…


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  1. I love this colour it looks great and I am actually obsessed with greens and blues at the moment. BTW I have nominated you for some awards:


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