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Fossil Friday Sally Hansen Ghoulish Green

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Aloha! Today I have a “gross one” as Mr. J calls it. This is an oldie (obviously) from Sally Hansen. It was part of an old Halloween collection, I assume. I’ve only shown it on its own, because if I layered it, I wouldn’t have day to capture it. But I do plan on layering this because BAM! There is a blue-green glow that I can’t wait to unleash on the sun!

After last week, I was hoping I would get this all scheduled to go up while I was at work, but then I was thrown a “closing shift” curveball last night and Mr. J was having a sleepover at his parents’ house. So, once again, I’m under the wire. But NOT next week. I will schedule this on Wednesday if I have to!

SH Ghoulish Green


SH Ghoulish Green2


Look at that bottle! Isn’t it ridiculous! I would also like to note that the meat slicer at Q and I are NOT on speaking terms. It seems to be hungry and the only thing that satiates it, would be my fingernails, apparently. It’s eaten FOUR of them. Yes. FOUR. Thankfully, my nails grow fast, so you haven’t had to see the aftermath of my traumas. I was also thinking of taking Folic acid, because it’s supposed to help with nail and hair growth. BUT, I do not need the headache of people in my life thinking I’m trying to have a baby.

SH Ghoulish Green4


Here is the Uggo under flash. It’s such a horrible colour but I LOVE IT.

Have a good night amigos and have a good weekend!


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