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“If Looks Could Kale” Bob’s Burgers nail art!

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Aloha amigos and HAPPY MONDAY! Haha yeah right. For most folks, Monday is bad enough because it signals a new work week and the end of sleeping in and lazing around. But when it’s the Monday right after Daylight Savings time? Forget it. I am not so lucky to have weekends off. So today is the start of my weekend! I was lucky enough to share this day off with Mr. J, which meant groceries and cooking! And of course, endless frustration with Ocarina of Time, because I started the Water Temple about four and a half hours ago, with a half hour break for eating, and I am STILL not finished. I am getting ready to pitch this stupid thing out the window. And I overate and gave myself a wicked cramp in my side.

But enough about me! On to the nails! Now, those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, have seen these already. I was SO impressed with them that I couldn’t resist sharing immediately. This was also the first time I used acrylic paint and let me just say, it will not be my last time. I admire all the fantastically talented ladies that can whip up AMAZING designs using nail polish. But I do not have that patience. I also used a gel pen this time, after I saw THIS post on One Nail To Rule Them All. So of course, I headed to Michael’s and grabbed the Canadian equivalent of this pen. And it works!

So, for all those Bob’s Burgers fans out there, here is my contribution to the nail art fandom!


In hindsight, I should have moved some characters around, because my pinkie wasn’t wide enough for Tina and Linda’s glasses could have used more room. But I love them none the less. My base colour was Revlon Apricot pastry, from their Summer 2012 collection, and I couldn’t have asked for a better base colour for skin. It’s such a perfect, generic, flesh tone. Louise is HANDS. DOWN. My favourite character and when she and Gene are together…I die laughing.



She was done last and I had to redo her a couple of times. I couldn’t paint her without her signature hat, so I cut the bottom of her face off. I think it works though.

I had fun with this mani and it made me realize how much I love doing things like this! Currently, I’m swatching some Color Club sets I picked up a while back and am just now getting to!

Thanks for stopping by!


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