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OPI Liquid Sand: Get Your Number

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Aloha amigos! Today I have one of the Liquid Sand polishes from OPI. Get Your Number was part of the Mariah Carey collection recently released. The idea of the Liquid Sand polishes intrigued me, because well…I forget top coat A LOT. So polishes that are meant to be worn without top coat are always a bonus for me. Which is why I am SOOOOOOOO on board with this texture trend. I can’t wait to hunt down the Milani textures, and the Pixie Dusts from Zoya (as soon as I can afford a haircut…since my salon sells Zoya)and well…any textures I can get my greedy hands on.

I would like to state that this was a surprise polish that my sister picked up for me and honestly…I was, and still am, over the moon that she thought of me. I hadn’t asked for it, I hadn’t even mentioned to anyone that I wanted it. She just…bought it for me. And WOW. I am SO happy!


Get Your Number is an awesome blue sand with holographic glitter mixed in. And this MOFO wears like iron! It lasted another close shift at the big Q, which as always, involves a lot of dishwashing and menial labour. Maybe one day I will have a job that doesn’t destroy my hands after five hours. I just soaked them in cuticle oil and I can guarantee that my hands will look like they’ve been starving for months, after my shift tomorrow. Until then, I can use it as an excuse to constantly change polish. I’m working on swatching the Fiesta collection from Color Club. And looking at my pictures, I am unhappy with most of them. So I may turn it into a Fiesta week.

But back to OPI…






When it is actually summer, I will wear the shit out of this polish. I can see it. I actually long for a day when I can break out my “favourite” polishes and know that they will live through the night. Like my Man With The Golden Gun top coat. I love that to pieces, but I don’t want it to wash down the drain at Q. It deserves better than that.

Now that I have rambled enough, I will leave you for the night. I’ve been feeling sort of down lately so I’m not sure if I will be back tomorrow with a Fossil Friday. But never say never!

Goodnight amigos!


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