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Fossil Fridays: L’Oreal Bijou Crystals B. Fearless

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Well, well, well. It looks like I have a FF for you guys after all! Chalk it up to getting some much needed sleep and snuggle time with my bed. It didn’t to have Mr. J either. It’s the first time I’ve gotten just the right amount of sleep in a while. Lately it’s been too little (too often) or TOO. MUCH. Yes, you can have too much sleep. I think that actually makes me feel worse. I just feel so lethargic and bummed when I sleep too much. So it was a good morning. Needless to say, here I am with an amazing fossil for you today.

This one is a polish I actually hoarded when my step dad helped close/renovate an old dollar store. Why he was compelled to take all of the nail polish and make up, I don’t know. But he is my favourite for it. Otherwise these glorious gems never would’ve made it into my collection. And there are a lot of them. When I started this series, I thought I would have Mr. J pick the fossil of the week, because he supports my obsession hobby completely. And every week, I would put this polish in the lineup, but he would never go for it! I have quickly learned that he has a pull towards duochromes. And things that are ugly. Little does he know, that the “ugly” polishes are actually something I covet. I bought a polish called Brick by Joe Fresh because it was on clearance and it was the perfect Meatwad colour. He saw it and said: “Oh my God it looks like someone put an old period in a bottle!”

…thanks, Mr. J. So, after several failed attempts to bait the hook, I just picked this polish. He’ll be back next week haha.

LOreal B. Fearless4


I mean…HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO LOVE THIS?! Sure, the first coat was thin, sheer and RUNNY AS ALL HELL, but look at that gorgeous scattered holo! Who cares? Plus the little clean up that I had, was a breeze. You will also notice my shorter nails. NOT a result of a fight with the meat slicer at work. They were just getting way too long and starting to hurt, actually. For now, shorties suit my lifestyle. But now I am getting off topic.

LOreal B. Fearless2


I am so dead for this polish. When I see linear holos, I get crazy tunnel vision. It’s all I want. Like the China Glaze Hologlam collection? NEED. The Color Club Halo Hues? NEED. But then a great little scattered holo comes along and I realize that there is more to nail polish. At least until I actually GET a linear holo. Then it’s game over. But when you add scattered holo to a blue polish? THAT WAS FREE? Then I come back to Earth. It’s not the strongest holo in low light, but then again what holo is?

LOreal B. Fearless3


I blurred it a bit so you could see the tiny holo action going on. Ohmygod. The way this woman feels about spongesΒ is how I feel about this polish.

…well a lot of polish if we are being honest with ourselves.

Have a good night folks! I’m unsure if I should post the Fiesta collection all in one go, or split it up by day. I also have the Kaleidoscope collection from Color Club that needs to be swatched. What do you think? One big swatch post of the collection, or six individual posts?


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