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Wet N Wild Glowstick with some stamping

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Aloha! Currently, my nails are on the outs; a random chunk of skin from my right index finger went missing yesterday. Yes, I am mildly wounded, which means that finger is in a no polish zone. Because…OW. Also, as I mentioned, the slicer and I are on the outs. It took another nail yesterday. I have just about had it! I’m also still in a very sad place right now, which I won’t go into detail about because…BORING.

Yes, I am aware that I did that twice. It needed to be done. Also! I have been baking. And when I bake, nail polish takes a hit. I would love to be able to have them co-exist. Alas, food colouring and whatnot sort of ruins a mani. So here I am. I’m going to show you a FABULOUS glowy green from the Fergie Wet N Wild line that just showed up at my local Wal Mart.

It’s a great acid green with a golden/yellow shimmer that is. UNF. And I NEVER use that in text. But then…I had to go and stamp over it…for the first time. Yes. I was a stamping virgin up until this mani. Sure, I had dicked around with it, but had never done it seriously.

…I should have waited…



The first finger turned out just fine but then it all went downhill from there. LOOK AT THAT PINKY! WAS I DRUNK?! (The answer is: Probably)



Oh yeah. That’s the stuff…



I should put this on again! Must…paint…nails…


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