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Blog awards: A.K.A I am behind in life!

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Aloha! I was nominated (a while back) by the FABULOUS Kalliana from 9to5Nails for the following three awards:

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

One Lovely Blog Award

I can’t even begin to say how flabbergasted and flattered I am that even one person thinks any of these things about my blog. Back when I started this blog, I was sort of doing it as an outlet for my frustration and sadness for the reaction I got from people about all of my nail polish. It’s stupid, I know. I shouldn’t have to justify my passions. And I wish that I had an arm’s length of blogs to nominate. But I want to spotlight on a blog that JUST started (and also just started following me, but that’s besides the point). I really should find a way, and some time, to hunt for new nail blogs.

This blog is Ooh La La Nails! A blogger from across the way (or pond), I can already tell she will be great. She already shows such great care in her nails and cuticles (unlike a certain blogger-me) and she has a great narrative to her posts. Also…toothpicks are called cocktail sticks over there? I don’t want to say UK and be wrong.

On that note…here are my random facts!

1) I HATE odd numbers. I just…I don’t like how they can’t be divided in half. It is a random OCD trait I have.

2) I am a well of useless trivia.

3) I can’t get enough of the show Monster Bug Wars

4) When I was a toddler, I would lock myself in my grandma’s bathroom and such toothpaste from the tube

5) When allowed out to play at my grandma’s, I would make a beeline for the highway

6) I could watch The Goonies on repeat forever

7) I can’t smell farts or poo

That’s all for today! After some rest, I hope to return tomorrow!


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  1. Being a well of useless trivia would come in handy for pub quizzes! Also I cannot believe you can’t smell farts or poo that’s actually crazy!


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