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What’s goin’ on here? Nail Polish Rack update!

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Aloha readers! I’m not sure if I actually came right out and said it or not, but I took the plunge and made my own nail polish racks out of foamboard based on THIS┬átutorial. I will admit I was skeptical. I mean…nail polish can get pretty heavy. But I made two and figured I’d give them a shot. Well…I haven’t even hung them yet but I love them. Nail polish never looked so pretty.


Yes. That is moustache duct tape. I love moustaches. I am definitely going to make more racks.

…once I heal. Yes. That is another reason why I am here today. I was cleaning my polish room today, when disaster struck. Reaching in to a drawer, the middle finger on my photo hand found a broken exacto knife blade. And that blade was ANGRY.


I spent the better part of an hour in the ER, with a maxi pad wrapped and taped to my finger. Somehow, in my adrenaline filled haze, I had the sense to wrap my finger in something designed to absorb copious amounts of blood, not bleed anywhere in the apartment, run out of said apartment AND remember to lock the door, and book it to the hospital. Yeah. Shock is a wonderful thing. It wasn’t until I got there that the shaking and the reality set in. It was just under the cuticle. Did I hit any nerves? Did I get my nail bed? Will I need stitches? Will I ever blog again?

I kid you now, that was one of my questions in my head. So, I got my “stitches”, got bandaged up and walked home to continue my cleaning. Now I wish I had called in to work, because my finger is in excruciating pain and I can’t bend it. Also I’m not allowed to get it wet. If you’re new to my blog, I work at Quiznos. That is like a death trap for a finger that just had a bad breakup with a broken blade.

I am also now well aware of all the things you can’t do with a middle finger that won’t bend without making you want to murder everything in the immediate area.

So, for now, you will get a random assortment of pictures and maybe some current ones with something photoshopped over my stupidity of an injury.

Moral of the story? Just dump the effing drawer onto the floor.

Color Club “Sunrise Canyon”

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I swatched this entire collection but hated my swatches. Because I waited until the light was gone. Silly me. I do love the Fiesta collection. Some of the colours really aren’t unique, but they are pretty cool. Some of my bottles had weird formulas and applied wonky on their first coat. But a second one licked that problem. My first thought upon applying this was “Where the eff is a sunrise this colour?”




All that aside, I friggin love this! It is such a great, radioactive pea soup green. It did have a weirder formula than a couple of the others but SO WORTH IT. I mean…LOOK!



I drool over “ugly pretty” polishes the way Homer drools over donuts. I want them all and I want them all now!



Ugh. I can’t handle it! Definitely a winner!

And now I must go and cry forever about how Warehouse 13 keeps ruining my feelings and life with its ability to rip my heart out and eat it.

Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac”

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Aloha lacquer lovers! I come to you today with some more pastel love. I know I seem to have tossed “Fossil Friday” aside. But no. I have just been so run down that I just…go to bed every night. I know. Scandal. Sleep over polish. But I know that all of my fellow bloggers and polish lovers understand. Your desire to sleep just overpowers your desire to colour. So, while I am not here for a Fossil Friday per se, I am here with a glimmer of the wonderful weather that lurks on the horizon. But first: A MEME!


I am sick of your weather, Brockville. Pick a season and stick with it! I NEED SOMETHING TO BASE MY POLISH CHOICES ON!

OK. This is actually a polish I swatched back in February. My best friend (who just had a healthy baby girl-YAY!) has an older sister who also loves nail polish. I knew I had to clean out a lot of my collection, because there were so many dupes and colours I didn’t like with my skin tone. And I have never liked giving things away, because I am strange and I feel that things that were once loved, deserve to go on to a good home, and not sit on the shelf of some thrift store. So my purge went on to her and I LOVED how excited she was! I knew I had made the right choice. Lacey Lilac made the cut of staying in my stash while I was swatching. Which I didn’t expect. I never was drawn to light colours. Until that moment, apparently.

Lacey Lilac

How can you say no to that shade?! Oh my God. Gorgeous!

Lacey Lilac2

Swoon. I can’t believe I ever thought I giving this away. Who knew I would LOVE pastels?

It was a dream to work with. Two even coats and bam. No streakiness, no patches, no trouble. I wish all light colours were like this. I am looking at you, yellows.

I am going to say something a bit weird now: every time I think of this colour, I think of Mr. J’s sister. She was visiting and asked if she could paint her nails. Of course! I love being able to share my collection with others! She was over yesterday, for a much needed recovery day and waited all day for me to finish work so she could ask if she could paint her nails. I love that. I love that someone has respect for belongings. There was no chance of me saying no! She had all of my colours at her disposal. And the first time, she picked this as underwear for a Justin Biber NOPI polish. Yesterday she used Color Club “Red-ical Gypsy” as underwear for “The Man With The Golden Gun.” And I won’t lie…I was jealous. Mr. J said: I can’t believe how much nail you have! Your nails are so nice! I’m so used to Trista’s nails, which are really short.

OK. Thank you boyfriend. I started doing this to forget how ugly and stubby my hands are. And then BAM! A nice punch right across the jaw. Poo on you, photobomber. All of the picture for one of my upcoming manis, have his hands or menace in them.

And now that I have rambled enough, I will leave you with this. I apologize for how verbose I have been. The morale of this entry is: give pastels a shot. They are awesome. Even if it’s not this colour, find a colour like it! NOW!

Until next time amigos!

Lamest Blogger Award goes to ME!

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Not because of my sporadic post schedule. No. That’s something that comes with the territory of me. I mean this in the sense of, I wear a polish. I LOVE a polish, so I take picture of said polish, so I can share with you guys. And I don’t make a note of it, because I am so sure that, since I love it so much, I will immediately remember it when I see the pictures…yeah. Not a chance.

I’m sure many (if not all) of you have been there very early on. While you were toying with the idea of starting a blog, perhaps? Or is it just me, who is a complete flake and doesn’t write things down? Case in point; this lovely gold:




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Hard Candy “Gummy Green” swatches

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Aloha amigos! Two days in a row! Are you shocked? I know I am. But I also had these already swatched, just needed some quick editing. So I did that and now here we are. I’m going to toss this up before I take a stab at the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time. Ya know…to unwind. I have big plans to make a cheap nail polish rack, so I can make space for my baking supplies. Yes. That sounds weird. But it is my life. Aaaaaaand now I’m rambling.

When I saw the promo shots for all the new, wonderful nail polish that Hard Candy planned to release, my heart fluttered at the sight of all the glitters and shiny things. I actually looked at the “Candy Sprinkles” section and went “Meh”. Well I’m eating that word now. I’m actually really bummed that we only got a small release of the collection! I want them ALLLLLLL! SO I WILL ORDER THEM ALLLLLLL! With the exception of the baby blue one that is basically Whimsical with smaller glitters. I don’t know what it is about that colour combination. I just can’t get behind it.

This one however…

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Hard Candy ‘Black Tie Optional’ swatches

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Aloha readers! I need to stop slacking and posting more than once a week. I’m still very tired and my body seems to be getting QUITE mad at me. But I am going to press on until I burn out. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I don’t know why I’m laughing maniacally when I’m going to be the one suffering…

I was perusing Wal Mart on Friday and stopped in my tracks and gasped when I saw the Hard Candy display. Could it have been? IT WAS. The new Hard Candy polishes! My local Wal Mart didn’t have any HC polishes before, so I really had no expectations of ever laying eyes on them. So when I did…there may have been some mad grabbing of almost all of the polishes. And then some re-evaluation of which of them I ACTUALLY needed. The top of the list?

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Milani One Coat Glitter “Blue Flash” Old vs New

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Aloha! Sorry for disappearing for like…a week or so. I worked like a fiend without realizing what I was doing. And before I knew it, I was freakin’ tired! I anticipate a few more weeks like this, but I can’t say why right now. Those close to me know what’s going on. And for speculators, no there is no offspring in the womb. Big possible changes on this chickie’s horizon. Whoo! So, I am sorry for vanishing! I am back with a “WTF were they thinking” post.

A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, I participated in my first (and so far, only) swap with a lovely lady from the States. I had a polish that was much sought after that I hated-Whimsical- and she had polishes I had only dreamed of seeing: Milani’s One Coat Glitters. It was love at first sight when I opened that box. I wore them immediately. And then, not so long ago, my local chain grocery store revamped its cosmetic area. That included a new Milani display. With One Coat Glitters. I was so excited! Backup bottles of the three lovelies! But WTF is this nonsense?!

Milani OCG Blue Flash


SERIOUSLY! WTF! The middle and pinky finger are two coats of the “new” Blue Flash. NOT IMPRESSED.

Milani OCG Blue Flash2


This is SERIOUSLY. UN. COOL. How dare they even label this a one coat glitter. And this wasn’t the only victim of redesign. Red Sparkle isn’t the same either. It has GOLD in it.

Honestly, I am so mad. I can’t explain why. Maybe I feel lied to. Maybe I don’t like change. Either way, I am pissed.

Thanks for stopping by!