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Hard Candy ‘Black Tie Optional’ swatches

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Aloha readers! I need to stop slacking and posting more than once a week. I’m still very tired and my body seems to be getting QUITE mad at me. But I am going to press on until I burn out. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I don’t know why I’m laughing maniacally when I’m going to be the one suffering…

I was perusing Wal Mart on Friday and stopped in my tracks and gasped when I saw the Hard Candy display. Could it have been? IT WAS. The new Hard Candy polishes! My local Wal Mart didn’t have any HC polishes before, so I really had no expectations of ever laying eyes on them. So when I did…there may have been some mad grabbing of almost all of the polishes. And then some re-evaluation of which of them I ACTUALLY needed. The top of the list?

Black Tie Optional


This bad boy. Black and white glitter has been all the rage ever since Lynnderella created “Connect The Dots” many moons ago. And then…well, most of you know the rest. People had such a hard time getting ahold of her beauty, so they started making their own and she got quite upset. And here we are. There were two of these babies left so I bought both! I know. Greedy, greedy me! But I see myself using this A. LOT. So I preemptively bought a backup bottle. Strike while the iron is hot and all that jazz.

Black Tie Optional was a dream to work with! Some of the bigger glitters were a bit fussy, but only on the first coat. I was worried, because I’ve read in a few reviews that people were getting bad bottles of some of the glitters. But my mind was eased.

Black Tie Optional2


My index and middle finger are two coats, while my ring and pinkie are just one. I’ve layered it over Color Club’s Sunrise Canyon here but I want to put it over everything! AND IT’S SO CHEAP! Most of the indie version are $8 and up, plus shipping. Nope. Not on my measly wages. My only qualm?


Black Tie Optional3


See that big, white hex? Yeah. That was the only one that made it out of the bottle. I wish there were more of them. But…*sigh* Look how pretty!

Black Tie Optional4


Check back for more Hard Candy polishes in the upcoming day or two (or three)


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  1. This looks great! I am not a fan of bar glitter but black and white is always fun. Focus on getting rested up lovely, the blog can wait! You’ll only end up being ill longer- .. … I just turned into my mother. Anyway, feel better soon and yay for getting hold of some longed for polish!


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