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Hard Candy “Gummy Green” swatches

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Aloha amigos! Two days in a row! Are you shocked? I know I am. But I also had these already swatched, just needed some quick editing. So I did that and now here we are. I’m going to toss this up before I take a stab at the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time. Ya know…to unwind. I have big plans to make a cheap nail polish rack, so I can make space for my baking supplies. Yes. That sounds weird. But it is my life. Aaaaaaand now I’m rambling.

When I saw the promo shots for all the new, wonderful nail polish that Hard Candy planned to release, my heart fluttered at the sight of all the glitters and shiny things. I actually looked at the “Candy Sprinkles” section and went “Meh”. Well I’m eating that word now. I’m actually really bummed that we only got a small release of the collection! I want them ALLLLLLL! SO I WILL ORDER THEM ALLLLLLL! With the exception of the baby blue one that is basically Whimsical with smaller glitters. I don’t know what it is about that colour combination. I just can’t get behind it.

This one however…

Gummy Green


Mmmmm yes. Much better. This one is amazing. Two delicious crelly coats of mint chip ice cream. I love these polishes. These “jelly sandwiches” in a bottle. I think these are great colours for Spring. So fresh and clean and…yummy!

Gummy Green2


SWOON. Yes, I absolutely need all of these. I’m so impressed with my little town because so many new polishes have been popping up! It is wreaking havoc on my “No buy” stance. But at this rate…I DON’T CARE! I am doing well with myself and only buying polishes I KNOW I can’t dupe in my stash. So far I’m remembering my stash quite well. Yay! With the appearance of so many new things, I am holding out hope for the Milani textures to make it my way. Maybe even some of the drug store brands jumping on the texture trend? Sally Hansen, I’m talking to you!

Gummy Green6


Sigh. I only have one more of these lovelies to show you and then I’m out of the Candy Sprinkles colours. Such a sad sentence indeed.


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  1. I wish I had Hard Candy polish in my life! This looks yum, literally!

    • Aw they don’t have it over there? Boourns! If I had free reign over the whole collection, I’d pick some up for you and send it!

      • Aww you’re too nice πŸ™‚ I will get one of my American minions on the hunt! Try and smuggle some in before Royal Mail cut us off completely >.< I look forward to more pictures soon. Hope you're feeling better.

      • Well you could let me know which ones you’re eying and I can see what I can do! Maybe we could do a swap or something lol. I don’t care. I just hate for polish fiends to be deprived of certain polish brands just because of where they are! I could send you some Canadian exclusive polishes too!

      • I have only just seen your reply! That’s such a nice offer πŸ™‚ Royal Mail here are being Nail Polish nazis and have cut us off from the rest of the polish world we can’t send out (without risk of the items being found and destroyed) and have real issues getting stuff in. Maybe in the future when it’s a free polish world!

      • Bummer city! Boourns, Royal Mail! Lacquer lovers gotta paint!

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