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Lamest Blogger Award goes to ME!

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Not because of my sporadic post schedule. No. That’s something that comes with the territory of me. I mean this in the sense of, I wear a polish. I LOVE a polish, so I take picture of said polish, so I can share with you guys. And I don’t make a note of it, because I am so sure that, since I love it so much, I will immediately remember it when I see the pictures…yeah. Not a chance.

I’m sure many (if not all) of you have been there very early on. While you were toying with the idea of starting a blog, perhaps? Or is it just me, who is a complete flake and doesn’t write things down? Case in point; this lovely gold:





I didn’t edit these because…well I can’t remember what polish this is and because it is from almost two years ago. So I’m sorry for the lack of cleanup and my random nail length. The point is, I wish I were a bit more disciplined back in those days. But I guess everyone has to start somewhere. It is also quite tiresome to do all of this while your boyfriend is playing “Paparazzi” with your camera when he thinks you are too busy to notice…



Eventually he gave up trying to be sneaky and just aimed for “annoying” which is something he excels at. But I love him and wouldn’t trade him for anything. These pictures are also REALLY old, as my hair is much longer and has red in it.


Even this one is a bit older. But closer to the point. And if any of you are still reading, you have by now figured out that this a filler post and placed here to give you a glimpse of me, my life, and to keep you here. Next time I post, there will be nails. With a polish on them that I can identify.  I promise.


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