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Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac”

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Aloha lacquer lovers! I come to you today with some more pastel love. I know I seem to have tossed “Fossil Friday” aside. But no. I have just been so run down that I just…go to bed every night. I know. Scandal. Sleep over polish. But I know that all of my fellow bloggers and polish lovers understand. Your desire to sleep just overpowers your desire to colour. So, while I am not here for a Fossil Friday per se, I am here with a glimmer of the wonderful weather that lurks on the horizon. But first: A MEME!


I am sick of your weather, Brockville. Pick a season and stick with it! I NEED SOMETHING TO BASE MY POLISH CHOICES ON!

OK. This is actually a polish I swatched back in February. My best friend (who just had a healthy baby girl-YAY!) has an older sister who also loves nail polish. I knew I had to clean out a lot of my collection, because there were so many dupes and colours I didn’t like with my skin tone. And I have never liked giving things away, because I am strange and I feel that things that were once loved, deserve to go on to a good home, and not sit on the shelf of some thrift store. So my purge went on to her and I LOVED how excited she was! I knew I had made the right choice. Lacey Lilac made the cut of staying in my stash while I was swatching. Which I didn’t expect. I never was drawn to light colours. Until that moment, apparently.

Lacey Lilac

How can you say no to that shade?! Oh my God. Gorgeous!

Lacey Lilac2

Swoon. I can’t believe I ever thought I giving this away. Who knew I would LOVE pastels?

It was a dream to work with. Two even coats and bam. No streakiness, no patches, no trouble. I wish all light colours were like this. I am looking at you, yellows.

I am going to say something a bit weird now: every time I think of this colour, I think of Mr. J’s sister. She was visiting and asked if she could paint her nails. Of course! I love being able to share my collection with others! She was over yesterday, for a much needed recovery day and waited all day for me to finish work so she could ask if she could paint her nails. I love that. I love that someone has respect for belongings. There was no chance of me saying no! She had all of my colours at her disposal. And the first time, she picked this as underwear for a Justin Biber NOPI polish. Yesterday she used Color Club “Red-ical Gypsy” as underwear for “The Man With The Golden Gun.” And I won’t lie…I was jealous. Mr. J said: I can’t believe how much nail you have! Your nails are so nice! I’m so used to Trista’s nails, which are really short.

OK. Thank you boyfriend. I started doing this to forget how ugly and stubby my hands are. And then BAM! A nice punch right across the jaw. Poo on you, photobomber. All of the picture for one of my upcoming manis, have his hands or menace in them.

And now that I have rambled enough, I will leave you with this. I apologize for how verbose I have been. The morale of this entry is: give pastels a shot. They are awesome. Even if it’s not this colour, find a colour like it! NOW!

Until next time amigos!


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