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Color Club “Sunrise Canyon”

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I swatched this entire collection but hated my swatches. Because I waited until the light was gone. Silly me. I do love the Fiesta collection. Some of the colours really aren’t unique, but they are pretty cool. Some of my bottles had weird formulas and applied wonky on their first coat. But a second one licked that problem. My first thought upon applying this was “Where the eff is a sunrise this colour?”




All that aside, I friggin love this! It is such a great, radioactive pea soup green. It did have a weirder formula than a couple of the others but SO WORTH IT. I mean…LOOK!



I drool over “ugly pretty” polishes the way Homer drools over donuts. I want them all and I want them all now!



Ugh. I can’t handle it! Definitely a winner!

And now I must go and cry forever about how Warehouse 13 keeps ruining my feelings and life with its ability to rip my heart out and eat it.


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  1. I feel like something about being a nail blogger flicks a switch in peoples brains and suddenly the uglier or stranger the better. This colour is a cross between pea soup and that gone off 70s yellow – retro is so in style right now. Hope you’re feeling all better and how is the polish storage coming along?

    • It’s great! I finished two racks and am now faced with the daunting task of mounting them on the wall and deciding which polishes to display! I’ve still been feeling under the weather but am admitting defeat and seeing my doctor! Thanks for asking 🙂


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