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Monthly Archives: May 2013

What do I post? GOSH Holographic Hero with a Holo Franken

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Aloha readers! I love you all SO much! Especially after my last post where I feel like all I did was whine. I have no words to relay the feelings that I had when I saw your reactions. I may have cried. Just a smidge. It means so much to me to know that my followers don’t disown me.

A while ago, when I saw Kayla’s post about GOSH releasing a new holo, I knew I needed to find it. And it was a rare day off that I shared with Mr. J. But I knew I had to walk my ass up to Shoppers and find this polish. I don’t get many chances to find holo polishes in person. And when I got to Shoppers, there were two bottles left. So I greedily bought both and called it a day.

…then it started to get nice outside. And the wheels in my head started turning (a dangerous past-time, I know) and BAM! This holo cloud mani was born. Now. I didn’t edit these photos because of reasons. None of them good. BUT WHO CARES! HOLO POLISH!


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Color Club “Wild Cactus”

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Aloha! Yeah, I’ve been away again. I’m going to be straight with you guys. I have been really unhappy the last month or so. And I don’t mean like “bad day at work” kind of sad. Inexplicable, sometimes crippling sadness that wouldn’t go away. Most days, I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I’m making a doctor’s appointment as soon as I get my schedule for next week and hopefully things can get back on track. Plus, looking at my mangled nail every day doesn’t help. I don’t paint my nails because well…do you know how stupid it looks hahahaha. Factor in my impending birthday in a little over a week, which ALWAYS puts me in a gloom for some reason and you have this moment right now. I want to ask for all of the nail polish in the world, but know that I won’t be able to enjoy wearing it for a bit. BUT I STILL WANT IT ALL!

But enough of that. I will let you know how everything goes after it all happens. Today I am showing you swatches of Color Club’s Wild Cactus from their Fiesta collection. I adored this collection and was over the moon when I managed to get my hands on it. I loved pretty much all of the colours, even if they weren’t really unique.

Wild Cactus was a colour I had a couple of issues with, but despite all of them, I only needed two coats. The formula was a bit streaky and runny, there was some weird wonk to my bottle that made it seem like it had lumps, but it didn’t pool in my cuticles, which is always a bonus for me.

Wild Cactus2

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OPI Russian Navy Suede with Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

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Well. I would say Aloha but I feel terrible for disappearing. I mean, yes. I’ve done it before and yes, you saw the devastation of my finger. But I also said I had archives that needed cleaning. And I failed. I am very sorry. So today I am here with one of those archive posts.

This is OPI Russian Navy Suede. I’m sure I’ve posted it before, because quite frankly, it’s a wonderful polish. It’s so easy to apply and it dries just as quick.

And then I topped it with my latest obsession: Hard Candy Black Tie Optional. BOOM! Amazing just got  better.

Russian Navy Suede5

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KIT “The Electric Shuffle”

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Aloha polish people! I am surfacing from my sad, miserable, four finger haze. My finger is still pretty gnarly looking and it’s still hard to bend, but it hasn’t fallen off, so I’m going to keep on applying cream. Thankfully, I managed to get the next four days off (GO ME!) so I can give it proper time to breathe. Alas, it will still be quite some time before I am back to full time polishing. As the glue peels and the finger heals (no rhyme intended), I keep noticing how bad I really caught it. The blade definitely did some damage to the actual nail, so there is no way in HELL I will be attempting any form of ANYTHING until that baby grows out. Sad panda over here.

Until then, I have some archives that need some cleaning. Serious cleaning. Today I’ll be showing you a polish brand that’s new to me. I was killing time in a drug store one day when I saw a display of brand new polish. This one was the only one that caught my eye. And anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, knows that blues make me weak in the knees. Especially these kinds of blues.

KIT The Electric Shuffle2


*faints* Seriously. I don’t ever want to let this baby out of my SIGHT! It’s so gorgeous! For more pictures of this, and some shots of what I have dubbed my “Axe Wound” finger, join me after the jump!

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