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KIT “The Electric Shuffle”

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Aloha polish people! I am surfacing from my sad, miserable, four finger haze. My finger is still pretty gnarly looking and it’s still hard to bend, but it hasn’t fallen off, so I’m going to keep on applying cream. Thankfully, I managed to get the next four days off (GO ME!) so I can give it proper time to breathe. Alas, it will still be quite some time before I am back to full time polishing. As the glue peels and the finger heals (no rhyme intended), I keep noticing how bad I really caught it. The blade definitely did some damage to the actual nail, so there is no way in HELL I will be attempting any form of ANYTHING until that baby grows out. Sad panda over here.

Until then, I have some archives that need some cleaning. Serious cleaning. Today I’ll be showing you a polish brand that’s new to me. I was killing time in a drug store one day when I saw a display of brand new polish. This one was the only one that caught my eye. And anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, knows that blues make me weak in the knees. Especially these kinds of blues.

KIT The Electric Shuffle2


*faints* Seriously. I don’t ever want to let this baby out of my SIGHT! It’s so gorgeous! For more pictures of this, and some shots of what I have dubbed my “Axe Wound” finger, join me after the jump!

KIT The Electric Shuffle3


I DIE! And it’s got such a great formula. Two gorgeous coats.

KIT The Electric Shuffle


Trying out some hand poses. My fingers are too small for this. Ah well. And now, time for something a little more gruesome…

Here is a collage of Tuesday to Friday of my finger.



Pretty sad, isn’t it? The funny thing is? I’ve worked in the food industry for the better part of five years, including a meat slicer, and I cut myself while I was cleaning out a drawer. And to be clear: I did not break off an exacto knife blade and throw it in my drawer to save for a later day. This was a knife that got caught between the drawer and snapped apart when I closed it forcefully, a while ago. I had honestly thought all of my exacto knives were bunched together in my craft box. *sigh* Live and learn.

And I know it’s been a while since a Fossil Friday. At this rate, the Fossils I refer to, will be old swatches!


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