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OPI Russian Navy Suede with Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

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Well. I would say Aloha but I feel terrible for disappearing. I mean, yes. I’ve done it before and yes, you saw the devastation of my finger. But I also said I had archives that needed cleaning. And I failed. I am very sorry. So today I am here with one of those archive posts.

This is OPI Russian Navy Suede. I’m sure I’ve posted it before, because quite frankly, it’s a wonderful polish. It’s so easy to apply and it dries just as quick.

And then I topped it with my latest obsession: Hard Candy Black Tie Optional. BOOM! Amazing just got  better.

Russian Navy Suede5

Er mah gerd. I just…why did I slice my finger open? I just want to put this glitter over everything! I can’t stop! Also, never take pictures of your mani while your SO is around. Why? Well, take a lesson from Mr. J and I.

Russian Navy Suede8

*sigh* Really?

Russian Navy Suede9


Russian Navy Suede10

Yes. Really.

Also, here is my finger as of today:



OW. No polishing on this bad boy for a LOOOOOOOOONG time.  I just hope it grows out and heals and doesn’t split for the rest of my life.


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