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What do I post? GOSH Holographic Hero with a Holo Franken

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Aloha readers! I love you all SO much! Especially after my last post where I feel like all I did was whine. I have no words to relay the feelings that I had when I saw your reactions. I may have cried. Just a smidge. It means so much to me to know that my followers don’t disown me.

A while ago, when I saw Kayla’s post about GOSH releasing a new holo, I knew I needed to find it. And it was a rare day off that I shared with Mr. J. But I knew I had to walk my ass up to Shoppers and find this polish. I don’t get many chances to find holo polishes in person. And when I got to Shoppers, there were two bottles left. So I greedily bought both and called it a day.

…then it started to get nice outside. And the wheels in my head started turning (a dangerous past-time, I know) and BAM! This holo cloud mani was born. Now. I didn’t edit these photos because of reasons. None of them good. BUT WHO CARES! HOLO POLISH!



Now I have never really owned a powerful holo. I missed the China Glaze OMG collection by MILES. But GOSH Holographic Hero is great. It’s the most holographic polish I’ve owned. But when I find silver holo polishes, I want to franken with them because…YAWN. So I grabbed an old Cosmetic Arts silver holo and dumped some Revlon Royal in and this is the result.



Now the blue isn’t nearly as linear as the silver but MAN. I love it.


The problem with holos, is that they aren’t easy to photograph! But that doesn’t make me love them less!

I hope you enjoyed this holo post. I wish I had more exciting, wonderful pictures to share, but my nail is really mangled and you don’t want to see that nonsense. I tried, with the four finger hand posing. But it was a no-go. I looked like a sea creature. I spent the day planning one of my SEVEN Disney outfits (yes. 7. Please kill me. I don’t like that many Disney characters) and I remarkably had a lot of fun. Go me. Out of my comfort zone and all. One of my looks is Genie from Aladdin. I need a red belt and gold shoes (which I’m sure Mr. J will hate) and I’m set!

Thanks for reading <31


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  1. SO SHINEY! Can you believe I still don’t own a legitimate holo polish? I have a couple of holo glitters but no linear holos… I feel like my life is only half lived now 😛


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