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Color Club “In Theory” with “Pearl-spective”

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Aloha, from your abandoner! I am so sorry for vanishing. Every time I came to blog, I would look at old pictures of my wonderful, healthy nail and I would spiral into a pit of despair with my gnarled middle finger nail. I’m just SO sad about it haha. But, I have started to feel better in the mental and emotional aspect of my life. So that’s gotta count for something, right? I suppose I could give you a photo update of my nail. It’s healing rather well, and I would LOVE to patch it, but I’m scared because it’s been sliced right through. I can actually see the fleshy nonsense underneath.

Now, neither of these are pretty to look at. My cuticles have been suffering from my sadness and my middle finger…well. That heartache is obvious.

Photo 2013-06-13 10 40 08 AM


Photo 2013-06-17 9 21 39 PM


So you see now what I look at every day. I should just STOP painting my nails until it grows out… but I just can’t! Anywho! On to Color Club!

They are pretty much my favourite brand so far. They have yet to disappoint. This colour comes from their Kaleidoscope collection. When I first saw In  Theory, I didn’t think I would like it. It looked so frumpy to me. But as soon as I put it on, I was immediately slapped down from my haughty horse.

In Theory4


LOOK at how clean and pretty and NOT FRUMPY this baby is! Two very easy coats and I was hooked. I love the fleshy salmon quality it has and I love how it looks with my pale skin. SWOON.

In Theory2


Still trying to find my perfect hand position. I suppose I could practice while I wait for my nail to grow.

And then I added a coat of the “Pearl-spective” top coat that this collection comes with. And then I died just a little more inside.

Pearl-spective IT3


I mean…come on! How is this fair?! So pretty!

Pearl-spective IT4



I need to get better with my left hand, so Righty can hog the spotlight. BECAUSE I HAVE POLISH TO SWATCH! I got so many amazing polishes for my birthday that I want to share with you guys but can’t, thanks to Lefty and her cleaning antics. Actually, I shouldn’t blame my hand. I should blame that cock knocker exacto knife that was laying broken in the drawer I was cleaning. The only upside to all of this, is that I am going to have a WICKED scar on my finger and Lefty will look so badass when she gets back into shape. So excited!

Thanks for sticking with me while I go through my major down moments, guys. I love you all so much ❤


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