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Color Club “Endless Summer”

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Aloha! Two posts in a week! Shocked? Me too! I’m trying to keep up with it. I still have quite an archive burning a hole in my hard drive so I can’t say I don’t have material. Just seeing my old, healthy nail. *sigh*

But anywho. I have another Color Club beauty for you today. This one is from the Fiesta collection, which (if I’m being honest), was a little uninspired as far as Color Club collections go. But I love it none the less. And this bad boy is an amazing blue. And for those who are unsure: blue is my favourite colour. So it takes mucho strength on my end not to snap up every single blue polish I see. And now I’m off track again.

Endless Summer is a bright blue creme with a WONKY formula. And I mean wonky. It flowed freely on some nails and then on others, it was having a tantrum to rival my younger sister Paige. It dried with a very cool vinyl finish though, so I didn’t add top coat at all because I just loved the end result. It was a hard color to capture. These pictures make it look a touch more purple than it really is. Which is silly, because when you want to photograph a purple polish, cameras want none of that nonsense.

Endless Summer


This colour is actually blue in every sense of the word. The bottle colour is closer to the true colour than how it appears on my nails.

Endless Summer2


Endless Summer3


So in love. I’m keeping it short and sweet today! No crazy stories. Just straight up polish love! Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am loving the finish on this polish – so unusual! Nice to see you back up and blogging… I wish my archive was full I am painting my nails every day at the moment so I have things to post on my blog the next day.

    • Isn’t it cool! I won’t lie…my archive isn’t the greatest. Hence my countless gaps between posts. I feel terrible about it but it makes me smile, knowing that I have awesome followers like you, that are happy to see me posting again 🙂


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