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Super Mario Bros. 2 Phanto Nail Art

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*hangs head in shame* Aloha. I don’t even know what to say. Other than, never slice your finger open and jack up your nail on your swatching hand. Especially when you’re on the cusp of an emotional downward spiral. Because then you can’t even TRY do do something you love, as people will make fun of you for painting all but one of your nails. I finally caved a couple of weeks ago and bought a set of those imPress fake nails. Ya know, the ones without glue? POO ON THEM. They made me even more miserable! So not my cup of tea. AND to top it all off, I found some BUTTER F’N LONDON at my local Winners. FOR SUPER CHEAP! Well, super cheap buy BL standards. SO I CAN’T EVEN SHARE THAT VICTORY WITH YOU, OTHER THAN THIS GLORIOUS PICTURE!:

Photo 2013-07-09 2 20 38 PM


*cries* It’s so pretty! I just…can my nail be back to normal please?

Now, time for some nails that didn’t make me want to sob every time I looked at them:



Anyone that has ever played Super Mario Bros 2 for NES, know who this chump is. He was a colossal pain in the ass whenever you snatched the key you needed to unlock a door somewhere. You had to keep throwing it and picking it back up again like an asshole, just to get him to leave you alone. That’s right. I’m talking about Phanto. Hate him or love him (usually hate him), he is a pretty unforgettable face from SMB2. Now, this is not my neatest work, because I was impatient and didn’t want to fiddle with tape so I just freehanded. That being said, I am still happy with him. Will I do it again? Or probably, but I will make it nice and crisp. The red and white lines on my fingers were actually really thick, so I removed them all the next day and did a matte jelly sandwich with red glitter.



I like the matter version a lot. I had actually planned on using this in a series of video game nail art, so maybe the revamp will show up then. Either way, I really liked THIS version of Phanto.

Thanks for sticking with me through this irregular period of posting! ❤