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Quo by ORLY “Red Shift”

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Aloha! Today I have some swatches of a polish I picked up on clearance. Yay clearance! I love Quo by ORLY polishes but I do not like their price tag. But when they’re marked down to 2 bucks? BUY ALL THE POLISH! Which…is what I did. Oops. One of the main things I love about Quo by ORLY polish is that it’s really just ORLY polish in a different bottle with a different name. And that makes it readily available to me.

Red Shift is a dupe/rebottle of Starburst from ORLY’s Cosmic FX line for Spring 2014, which sort of makes me wonder if maybe Red Shift came first. Otherwise…why would it be on clearance nearly a month after being released? Ah why am I complaining! I got five polishes for the price of one! Now, Red Shift is a milky base packed with red, gold, bronze/orange hex glitters and larger silver circle glitters. Usually glitters like this one are an asshole to apply, but this was actually quite a breeze. Two coats was good enough for me!

Red Shift2

Red Shift4

The only bummer to this polish was that I didn’t get ANY of the awesome circle glitters on my nails 😦 They all stuck to the side of the bottle. Boo hoo. But despite all that, I still love you, Red Shift.

Red Shift5

If you can find Red Shift/Starburst anywhere, you should definitely buy it! I just love these milky bases with glitters! So dreamy…like icing.



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  1. wow this looks just like Orly Galaxy FX “Starburst”


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