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Quo by ORLY “Nebula”

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Today I have another one of those Quo by ORLY/ORLY twins from the Galaxy FX collection. This one is called Nebula and it’s twin shade from ORLY is Black Hole. Let me just say, that I am in love with this collection so far.  I have worn four of the shades and they’ve all blown my socks off! Nebula is a black jelly base LOADED with glitters. It’s got small red hexes, medium white hexes, blue bar glitter as well as red and lilac/purple circle glitters. I was hoping that this one would be opaque on its own but it needs undies. I used three coats for my swatches but it wasn’t as dark as I wanted it. The formula on this was a tad thick, because of all that glitter, but not impossible to work with.


This is very fourth of July fireworks. Too bad I’m Canadian haha. Patriotism aside, I love this. I love this mix of glitter colours and types and I bet I would love it even more over a black polish. The glitter payoff was great, minus those pesky circle glitters. They had the same problem as Red Shift and just did NOT want to leave the side of the bottle. However, I did manage to get some on a couple of my nails, unlike Red Shift.


Such a unique polish in my collection.



And, a macro bottle shot! Yay! One thing I noticed about this, was the two different colours of circle glitter. At first, I thought they were red ones that had bled. But I just went on ORLY’s website and in their photos, the glitters are red and purple. So…I don’t know. I guess that’s how they’re supposed to be! And, in my opinion, the purple ones don’t really fit in. But it’s not bad enough that makes me hate the polish…obviously.


You will want to click on that bad boy. So pretty, plus plus. Very yes.

All in all, this is definitely worth the money, no matter how much you spend.



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