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Quo by ORLY “Infinity and Beyond”

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Once again, I have another Quo by ORLY polish for you. And yes it’s from the twin/dupe collection to ORLY’s Galaxy FX line. I’m still unclear on the details of the Quo by ORLY collection name, because they aren’t big on releases and having a website, apparently. When I Google the two polishes I’ve posted about, and the one I’m about to post, I just get my own blog lol. ANYWAY….this QBO’s twin is Milky Way from ORLY. But I much prefer “Infinity and Beyond” as a name in my collection.

This polish as a milky blue/white jelly base with small copper hexes, medium holo hexes and blue micro glitter that makes the base look much bluer than it is. And I love it. It’s super opaque so I could’ve used two coats alone, but I chose to layer this over Sinful Colors “Cinderella”. For it, I used one coat.

Infinity and Beyond3


I’m sorry for the state of my hands/cuticles. I’m fighting massive windchill warnings and snow squalls in my small town.

The formula on this baby was a little gloopy, yet surprisingly easy to work with. It somehow made it easy to control.

Infinity and Beyond2


I love this polish. So far, it’s my favourite, but I may be biased towards the blue. I have two more left to try out and you may wonder why I didn’t just post them all at once. Well, because then what would I post the rest of the week?

I will leave you lovelies with a macro bottle shot! Until next time!

Infinity and Beyond6


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