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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Quo by ORLY “Distant Galaxy” and Where Have I Been?

Aloha loves!

Today I’m continuing my Quo by ORLY review/swatches with Distant Galaxy. As you may recall, the QbO polishes are dupes for ORLY’s Galaxy FX collection. But before I delve into the details of today’s polish, how about a quick update on where the eff I’ve been for the last two weeks?

I used to have a really crappy job. It made me really miserable and I had no desire for anything. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and never leave. That work depression spilled over into my actual life and before I knew it, every second of my life was spent trying to hide how miserable I actually was with everything. I’m pretty sure I did a lousy job of that. So I drank a lot more than I wanted to but it seemed to be the only thing that made me forget how upset I actually was. Cue panic of potential alcoholism. I had no drive for anything and I had a To Do list a mile long. It was all so crushing and overwhelming. So I shut down. And I bet you all know that is the worst possible thing to do. Everything in my life suffered. When you factored in my breast lump, you can imagine how I felt. Well, the day of my biopsy, there was a job fair for a place I had been ITCHING to work for. So, I went to that job fair, in weird pain from being prodded and sampled. And waited for four hours for an interview, which I think I did well on. A couple of weeks went by and I got called for a second interview. Rejoice! Every single fibre of my being wanted this job. And the next day, I was told I had it. And I am SO. EFFING. HAPPY. Like, over the moon. So I hope to be on a regular posting schedule because I will have a pretty consistent work schedule to plan around. And now, the polish!

This is “Distant Galaxy” and its much more famous twin is “Star Trooper” from ORLY. This is a surprise hit for me. Polishes with black jelly bases always seem to irk me. But this one was a win. It was probably all that gold micro glitter. It complimented the brownish black base rather well and actually seemed to take it over. There is also a nice splash of silver and white glitter, which gives this polish an awesome, actually galactic look. And I chose to wear this without undies, so you can see a bit of nail line. But this is two coats and it’s almost opaque! Definitely a keeper.

Distant Galaxy


Distant Galaxy2

*Homer drooling* I love this.

Distant Galaxy4

That’s all for today! I hope to have another post up in the next couple of days!