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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Quo by ORLY “Star Formation”

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Aloha! Here I am again! This time, my absence was not because of work. I FINALLY (two months later) had my lumpectomy! Yay! Lump free! Next Tuesday, I get to find out what that silly little lump actually is. Everything crossed that it’s just a fibroadenoma.

So I spent last week laying on the couch and watching copious amounts of Hawaii Five-0 (Alex O’Loughlin is way too hot for life %100 of the time) and America’s Next Top Model (love me some ANTM and Tyra Banks). I was also pretty doped up on painkillers for most of the week as well. Yet, I still managed to give myself an awesome mani. However, for future reference, do not try to work with studs right after taking a Percocet. You’re gonna have a bad time.

Today though, I’m going to show you the last swatch from Quo by ORLY’s drug store dupe line of their Galaxy FX collection. Star Formation is a dupe of Intergalactic Space. I do love that Quo and ORLY teamed up, because ORLY isn’t a brand that is readily available to me. And it’s a shame because ORLY has some of my favourite collections and colours. But if Quo keeps this up, I will feel less distraught about my lack of polish resources. I’m also a little bummed because there were six colours in this collection and I missed out on the best one, in my opinion. From the look of it on ORLY’s website, it would have easily been my favourite. I guess I need to order it if I ever want to know. On to the swatches!

Star Formation2


I had to do a little quick fix on my index nail because I didn’t realize it was chipped until I looked at the pictures. This is two coats of Star Formation. Those big white circles were really enjoying their party at the bottom of the bottle so I did have a hard time fishing them out. Despite that, I LOVE this colour. I love the mix of glitters and the blue-black jelly base. I love how the purple and bronze glitter compliment each other without taking over. Ugh. I love you, Star Formation.

Star Formation3


SWOON. Swoon into unconsciousness.

Star Formation4



That’s all for today. Next time, I’ll show you my recovery mani. Also known as, the mani that almost killed me, due to painkillers and studs. Definitely a bad time.

I’m back…with some Nails Inc.

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Aloha! I’m back! Still adjusting to my new (RE: AWESOME job) and trying to keep my cuticles looking presentable. I don’t have a swatch of that last Quo polish today. But I DO have a swatch of a polish I bought on a whim because it was on clearance. Usually, I’m pretty good about clearance polish. Wait. No I’m not. I’m terrible with them! I should probably make a general rule to stay away from them. But the problem with that is, they sort of just…happen. I’ll be walking along, minding my own business and BAM! Bright price tags to signal clearance. And that’s how I came into possession of Cherry Road.

Ah, Cherry Road. You deceptive little hoser. You looked so wonderful in your cylindrical bottle, boasting your flashy glitters and pretty purple base. Oh, how wrong you are for me.



In the bottle, I loved you. On the nail…no. No. NO.

I feel like I’ve made some bad polish choices in the last few weeks. Probably after the years of needing to be stingy with my polish picks, I went a bit crazy. I’ve calmed down again. But it doesn’t take back my little pile of polish I have yet to touch. Shame on me. I just need to find a new home for this little guy and probably several of my other recent “indulgences” that are staring at me from on top of my printer.

OK, guys. I get the message. You can stop glaring.