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L’Oreal Sexy In Sequins

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Aloha! So…yeah. Been a while, huh? Well, it’s been quite a ride for me these last couple of weeks. It seems that, in my last post, I failed to mention that I was promoted! I am now a supervisor! Go me! ALSO. My lump is completely benign! HOORAY! It’s not cancerous! I have so much cause for celebration yet no real time to celebrate. But have no fear. There will be celebration in the near future.

Today, however, I have my recovery mani for you today. It’s one of my favourite manis I’ve ever done and it’s so simple.

One of the first things I did with my first pay cheque, aside from the boring adult stuff, was buy nail polish I’d been staring at for a week. Or three. Sexy In Sequins is from L’Oreal’s stab at texture polishes. It’s a very rich purple base with a WHACK of shimmer thrown in. Oh. My. GLOB. There are no words. I used two coats of  “Sexy in Sequins” and then for my accent nail, I used three coats of Maybelline’s “Gilded Rose”. Which is another great polish that should get its own post *adds to the To Do list*. Expect to see that post in about three months, if I keep up with this schedule.

ANYWAY. After I added Gilded Rose, I slathered on the top coat and placed two black stud gems at the base of the nail. The gems were from one of Sally Hansen’s new nail art kits that I got at Wal Mart.


Holy friggin crap. Can I have pants like this? Yes please. Like, NOW. Despite my complete and total lack of sobriety while doing this mani (RE: Percocets+studs=BAD TIME) I think it turned out really well.


Yes please.

Do yourselves a favour and buy this polish. Both of these polishes! NOW!

Thanks for reading!


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