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Quo by ORLY “Light Years”

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Aloha! Remember when I was reviewing the drugstore dupe collection to ORLY’s Galaxy FX polishes? Well, then you remember me saying that I missed out on one of the polishes. The one that was certain to be my favourite, based on all the pictures I saw. The title of this post clearly spoils everything, since it states that I am reviewing another of these polishes. And the fact that my last Quo by ORLY polish was declared the last of the Galaxy FX dupes by me. Boy was I wrong. A couple of weeks ago, I was killing some time on one of my days off. In a turn of events, I decided to check out the downtown Shopper’s Drug Mart. And I am a thousand percent glad I did. That’s where I found “Light Years” in a clearance bin. It was a dollar. Along with a couple of other sweet polishes. So I hurriedly grabbed them and rushed to the check out.

Did Light Years turn out to be my favourite of the six? Yes. But not by much. Maybe next time I will have to lay down some polish undies to try and bring out some depth to the glitter. I used three coats, which I’m not the hugest fan of when it comes to polishes like this. It was very thick on the nail, as it was a bit of a thicker polish. Despite all of that…it’s still pretty rad.


Seriously. How great is this? I love the blue! The mix of glitters in this polish compliment each other so well. As I mentioned, it was a little thick, but it was still fairly easy to apply. “Light Years” is ORLY’s “Gravity Bound” twin.


There was indeed some Homer drooling both when I found the polish and when I applied it. It’s just so pretty. I apologize for my cuticles and skin and all that jazz. The never-ending winter was the death of me. BUT! I FINALLY caved and bought a tub of Lemony Flutter and the Hallelujah chorus sang. I’ve been diligently using it for about a week and a half and it’s made such a huge difference already. All the dry skin around my fingers has basically cleared up…except for when I am a naughty blogger and pick at it.

But you don’t want to hear about that! I didn’t take a bottle shot picture this time. Shame. SHAME. But the next super sunny day, and I will take one and add it! Thanks for stopping by folks!


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