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imPRESS Manicure by Broadway Nails

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*The following products were provided for review by Influenster*

Aloha folks! Today I will be reviewing imPress Press on Manicure by Broadway nails. I received two packages of these nails from Influenster for reviewing, Dancing Queen and Totally Busted. I chose to review Dancing Queen on my blog.

Now, I’ve used press on nails before. Not the imPRESS ones and I can’t remember the ones I used (I think they were Kiss…but don’t quote me on that), but I HATED them. Absolutely loathed them. They were stiff and thick and just…NO. So I was understandably apprehensive about these. They come in a really cute package, which is shaped like a freakin’ nail polish bottle! So how can you not at least love that? The press on nails come in different sizes, as per usual for fake nails. The upside to these is that they have no glue and are…well press ons. They come with adhesive on the back, covered by a little plastic tab that you peel off when you’re ready to use them. Honestly, they’re pretty fool proof, which made me happy.

So here’s what they look like…


The design is very simple, but very cute. I actually got a TON of compliments on these nails. And really, they are pretty great. A complete 180 from the crap ones I used before, during “The Great Nail Fail of 2013”. They’re flexible, they’re cute and when I was itchy, they would actually scratch me! That’s one of my biggest pet peeves with fake nails. I never get a satisfying scratch from them. I did from these ones. It was great! The package claims they last up to 7 days, so I figured I would test wear time on them.

I applied them on Friday night, after putting two cakes in the oven. It took me longer to find proper nail sizes (I have weird nails) than it did to apply them. And as you can see, they look pretty slick.


Here they are a few days later, after a day at work. A busy day at work. I work at Booster Juice (which is a smoothie and juice bar, for non Canadians) so my hands take a lot of abuse. I lost one today at work, so I decided to take them off completely. Four and a half days isn’t bad for press on nails in the food industry. I feel like these would definitely last at least 7 days if you didn’t work in a place like Booster Juice. There was some tipwear, which I thought was both weird and cool at the same time.

All in all, I did actually really like these nails! I’m so glad I got the chance to use and review these because they have more than made up for my last terrible experience with press on nails. The designs are fun and the nails are flexible and durable. I would absolutely buy these myself next time I’m in the market for a fun nail design and am feeling WAY too lazy to do nail art.

Removal was super easy and didn’t damage my natural nail at all. Bonus!

I actually cannot recommend these enough to anyone looking for a simple, fun way to liven up their nails for a week. You don’t have the commitment of salon nails but you get the fun look of them!


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