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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Nicole by OPI Roughles – “I’m Stucco On You” & “Sand in My Shoe”

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Aloha! Today I come to you with swatches of the Roughles collection from Nicole by OPI. Well…two swatches anyway. I do have all of the polishes, I just haven’t swatched them all yet.

When I first saw glimpses of these, I made an inhuman noise. See, I love the texture movement and I hope it doesn’t slow down. Viva La Texture! Although…that doesn’t really work in the way I want, since that translates to vivid texture…

So what I really mean is “Vive le texture”

But now I’m getting carried away! The Roughles polishes were not quite like the other textures I had in my collection. They were pastel and speckled and looked like Mini Eggs on LSD. Which is totally what I want in a polish. However, as much as I wanted them, I couldn’t afford, nor justify the price when I had the money. Along came clearance. And there was much rejoicing. Yay. I don’t know what I would do without clearance. Probably just show you the same 17 polishes over and over. Once again, I am rambling. So click through for the pictures and, inevitably, more rambling.

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From The Vault: Color Club “On The Rocks”

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Aloha! Today I’m showing you an old polish that I swatched and then never posted because…reasons.

On The Rocks is from the Fiesta collection that Color Club released in early 2013 I believe? It wasn’t a groundbreaking collection but I love Color Club so I will always reach for their colours over most of the ones in my collection. However, I did find this collection to have very hit and miss formulas. The formula on this one was a hit! Thank goodness because if there is one polish colour I love, it’s silver.

It was opaque in one coat and not overly brushstrokey. Always a bonus.


The picture quality is a little lacking because…more reasons.


Oh my GAWD this polish! I need to find a gel polish in this colour because I could wear it forever. Especially with some black studs…mmmmm. If I hadn’t just put on some gorgeous holo, I’d throw this bad boy on. I will have to do some updated swatches and pictures. Until then, enjoy these and make it your goal to find an amazing silver foil that you can love and cherish.