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Nicole by OPI Roughles – “I’m Stucco On You” & “Sand in My Shoe”

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Aloha! Today I come to you with swatches of the Roughles collection from Nicole by OPI. Well…two swatches anyway. I do have all of the polishes, I just haven’t swatched them all yet.

When I first saw glimpses of these, I made an inhuman noise. See, I love the texture movement and I hope it doesn’t slow down. Viva La Texture! Although…that doesn’t really work in the way I want, since that translates to vivid texture…

So what I really mean is “Vive le texture”

But now I’m getting carried away! The Roughles polishes were not quite like the other textures I had in my collection. They were pastel and speckled and looked like Mini Eggs on LSD. Which is totally what I want in a polish. However, as much as I wanted them, I couldn’t afford, nor justify the price when I had the money. Along came clearance. And there was much rejoicing. Yay. I don’t know what I would do without clearance. Probably just show you the same 17 polishes over and over. Once again, I am rambling. So click through for the pictures and, inevitably, more rambling.

“I’m Stucco On You” is a fantastic pastel purple (A.K.A lavender) polish with blue and brick red flecks. It had a very smooth formula and easy application. I used two coats in the pictures below. I decided to do an accent of “Sand in My Shoe”, the really dreamy cream egg yellow in the collection. It has orange/brick speckles, just like its purple sister. It also has the same great formula.

Nopi Roughles1

I went with these two because they are the colours I rock at work every day! Seriously. My uniform shirt is purple and the logo is yellow. Not since Laser Quest have I had such a colourful uniform! I love it!

Honestly, I am so glad I snagged these. I was starting to worry that I would never have them in my collection. I only have one complaint, which you should all know by now: THOSE BOTTLES! WHY ARE THEY SO HIDEOUS AND MISSHAPEN?!

End rant. Bottles aside, I do love just about everything that I have tried by Nicole by OPI. I especially love when they do things that OPI doesn’t, because it feels just that much nicer. It’s easy for companies to have several branches and just rebottle everything, and it’s great for small town bumpkins like me. But it’s also nice when they put in the effort to do some unique things for each specific brand.

One more picture:

Nopi Roughles2


Thanks for stopping by lovlies! See you next time!


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  1. thebubblybrunette

    Love the color combo!


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